Share Your Retail Racial Profiling Horror Stories

Andy Cush · 06/04/15 09:42AM

Yesterday, WNYC reported that four former employees of New York City CVS stores filed a federal lawsuit against the pharmacy chain, alleging that they were directed to focus their attention on black and hispanic visitors when rooting out shoplifters. This comes as no surprise to anyone who as ever worked in retail, or any person of color who has ever stepped inside a store.

I Spent the Evening at a Happy, Heavily Guarded Baltimore Block Party

Andy Cush · 04/28/15 09:23PM

My first indication that things would be different at Baltimore’s North and Pennsylvania Avenues this evening came when I met Crystal Smith and Jessica Mullen. “Hey!” Crystal called to me, wearing a Baltimore Ravens t-shirt, standing three blocks away from a CVS that was burned and looted just last night (and again today). “Wanna help us move the camel?”

CVS Will Stop Selling Tobacco Products by October

Taylor Berman · 02/05/14 07:22AM

Finally ending its quest to be the "cool" pharmacy, CVS announced on Wednesday that its stores will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by October 1. The move will cost the chain an estimated $2 billion per year, though, in the long term, the company stands to make more by banning tobacco sales.

CVS to Penalize Workers $600 for Not Revealing Their Weight

Cord Jefferson · 03/20/13 06:32PM

In an effort better manage its healthcare costs, the pharmacy brand CVS Caremark is now asking all employees who use company health insurance to have doctors assess their weight and body fat, among other things, measurements that will then be turned over to CVS' insurer. The company is calling the assessment, which it will provide, "a health screening and wellness review so that colleagues know their key health metrics in order to take action to improve their numbers, if necessary." Any employee who chooses to opt out of the screening will have their health coverage jump $50 per month, according to the Boston Herald.

CVS Manager Fatally Strangles Homeless Man for Shoplifting Toothpaste

Mallory Ortberg · 01/19/13 01:40PM

Surveillance footage capturing a homeless man's death in the alley behind a CVS pharmacy in Chicago in 2010 was released today, showing several minutes of the attack in which store manager Pedro Villarosa held down and strangled 35-year-old Anthony Kyser while six passersby helped hold him down.

How Do You Deal with Public Displays of Homophobia?

Brian Moylan · 10/12/11 04:51PM

Just when you think that Manhattan is totally safe for gays, you hear about an awful verbal attack that you just can't believe. And in super gay Hell's Kitchen for that matter. Did the two men who were called "fags" in a CVS this morning do the right thing?

No Love For the Common Grocery Store?

Hamilton Nolan · 01/17/11 12:20PM

Here is what is happening with grocery stores, in America: the recession and rising commodity prices are squeezing profits. Weird stores like Walgreens and Target are now selling groceries. And men who buy groceries hate grocery ads. No love, anywhere!

Street Talk: Lehman Files for Bankruptcy, Merrill Is Sold

cityfile · 09/15/08 05:20AM
  • After frantic takeover talks with Bank of America and Barclays ended over the weekend—and after the U.S. government declined to provide a bailout—Lehman Brothers was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this morning, marking an end to the 158-year-old firm. [Bloomberg, NYT, WSJ]

Street Talk

cityfile · 08/13/08 05:08AM
  • CVS has agreed to buy Longs Drug Stores for about $2.7 billion. [Bloomberg]