Manatees Are Dying Off, and Florida Is Determined to Speed it Up

Adam Weinstein · 05/03/13 10:30AM

Who hates manatees? Sea cows, mermaids, whatever you want to call them—these massive, slow, people-loving warm-water swimmers are naturally adorable and devoid of natural enemies. But hundreds have died already this year, and deregulating Florida lawmakers could doom the rest today.

Is Kristen Bell's Sloth Freak Out Adorable or Annoying?

Brian Moylan · 01/31/12 06:39PM

Veronica Mars survivor Kristen Bell was on Dancing with the Degeneres this afternoon and shared a videotape of her first meeting with a sloth. She freaked the fuck out. Apparently she has loved sloths her whole life, and when her fiance, comedian Dax Shepard, went to introduce her to the hairy couch potato, she absolutely lost her shit.