Comcast: We'll Give You This Refund If You Swear to Tell No One

Jay Hathaway · 05/07/15 04:50PM

There’s good news and bad news in Comcast’s alleged mission to improve its worst-in-America customer service. Good: You might actually get a refund after they bill you for equipment you’ve already returned. Bad: You’ll have to sign an agreement never to tell anyone that Comcast overcharged you in the first place.

AT&T Billed an Elderly Man $24,000 for Using AOL Dial-Up

Jay Hathaway · 04/28/15 03:50PM

An 83-year-old Los Angeles man couldn’t believe the bills AT&T kept sending him for his simple landline phone account—more than $24,000 over two months. But the company insisted he had to pay it, even though it seemed impossible that dialing up to AOL—the only thing he really used the line for—could cost that much.