Here's a Bearded Larry David and Jon Hamm in Glasses in Clear History

Maggie Lange · 06/28/13 04:37PM

Here's the trailer for Larry David's upcoming HBO movie, Clear History. Basically, Larry David's character has a crazy frizzed-out hair-beard combo. He works for Jon Hamm who is sporting a suit, also so wild. Anyways, David's character quits because he thinks Hamm's character is dumb and then he loses out on millions and Hamm is rich and happy and married to Kate Hudson. After a decade of bitterness, David's character launches a madcap revenge plot.

Meet Eddie Schweighardt, aka Greg the Gay Kid on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Seth Abramovitch · 09/13/11 04:04AM

If you didn't catch the finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sunday night, then you missed what well might have been the best single performance of the season: That of Greg, the obviously gay 7-year-old son of a woman Larry David is dating. ("It's a sewing machine. It's a sewing machine! *SQUEEEEEEE!* IT'S A SEWING MACHINE!!!") It was easily the most inspired comedic display of budding queendom since The Onion's now-classic, How To Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son.

Paul Rudd's Perfect Movie

Richard Lawson · 07/12/11 05:28PM

Well not perfect in terms of quality, it hasn't even been made yet, but the set-up is pretty perfect for some moviegoers. Also today: a character actor will play another character, Larry David is bigger than ever, and some exciting potential Gossip Girl casting.

Summer TV Turns Desperate

Brian Moylan · 06/28/11 12:39PM

I'm thrilled that my favorite summer shows—like True Blood and Weeds—are finally coming back. But one thing is increasingly clear: There are a lot of desperate shows out there. And they're all resorting to the same tired tricks to try to make themselves fresh again.

Will Any of These New Shows Save NBC?

Richard Lawson & Brian Moylan · 05/17/10 02:47PM

With its ratings in the toilet and prime time roster trashed by the failed Jay Leno experiment, the upcoming television season is make-or-break for NBC. Based on the trailers for the shows it has coming up, is there any hope?

This Day in History: Ted Danson Arrives

Anderson Evans · 12/29/09 09:30AM

On December 29, 1947 Ted Danson was born. He brokethrough as playboy Sam Malone on Cheers, he went onto become the first man ever to admit to sleeping with Whoopi Goldberg, and is now the most sophisticated pothead on television.

cityfile · 11/09/09 02:38PM

• Another magazine has gone under: Hachette announced today that it's closing Metropolitan Home to "focus its resources" on Elle Décor. [AdAge]
New York's profile of star Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin reveals he's one of the paper's highest-paid staffers and is beloved by the titans of Wall Street, but is not quite as popular with some of his Times colleagues. [NYM]
• Circulation is down—and losses are up—at the New York Post. [NYT]
• GE and Comcast have agreed on a valuation for NBC, which brings the parties one step closer to handing over control of the network to Comcast. [Reuters]
• Condé Nast may be trimming expenses and cutting jobs here at home, but the mag giant is busy expanding its presence in China. [NYP]
Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming to basic cable. TV Land and TV Guide have picked up reruns of the show and will begin airing them next year. [LAT]
• Google has acquired the mobile ad company AdMob for $750 million. [NYT]
• Last night's Mad Men scored AMC its highest-rated finale ever, although considering it's AMC we're talking about, that isn't saying much. [B&C]
A Christmas Carol was No. 1 at the weekend box office, although its $31 million gross was weak given it cost $200 million to produce. Meanwhile, Precious' $1.8 million take on 18 screens set a limited-release record. [LAT]

The Fallout at Condé Nast, David Letterman's Big Night

cityfile · 10/06/09 02:09PM

• The Condé Nast shake-up continues: A day after the company shuttered four titles, it's ousted the publisher of Details. And rumor has it the Condé cuts may now "inspire" similar such moves at Hearst and Time Inc. [AdAge, NYT, NYP]
Ruth Reichl says she was completely surprised by the news Gourmet was closing. (She says she's planning to write a book about her years there.) And Gourmet's offices have since been completely cleared out. [NYT, Gawker]
David Letterman should apologize on his show every night. His latest mea culpa generated better ratings than anything NBC aired during primetime. [AP]
• CBS is talking to Nancy Grace about hosting a Judge Judge clone. [B&C]
• The only big media company hiring and not firing? Bloomberg LP. [Crain's]

The Seinfeld Reunion Will Spell the Death of Meta

Brian Moylan · 10/05/09 12:57PM

Seinfeld was a revolutionary sitcom, so its reunion had to be equally brilliant. As witnessed on Curb Your Enthusiasm, the non-reunion reunion about the making of a reunion on a different show will make blood pour out of your ears.