Pople Drank: What's Up With Pope Francis and His Pipe Thing?

Ken Layne · 12/04/13 01:44PM

Pope Francis is a different kind of pontiff, a friendly and humble Jesuit who loves to hang out on the corner with his people. But what's that bowl-pipe thing he carries around and frequently takes a hit off? It's a mate cup with a silver straw. And it's how you drink the caffeine-loaded "national infusion" of Francis' homeland, Argentina.

Watch a Machine Fill Cups of Beer From the Bottom

Matt Cherette · 12/24/10 05:01PM

Uh, holy crap. That's all I have to say about this video, which depicts a concession stand worker using a machine to fill up cups of beer from the bottom. That's right—the beer comes in THROUGH THE BOTTOM.