It Sure Looks Like This Florida Man Vaped His Buddy's Cum

Jay Hathaway · 02/25/15 01:50PM

Today's sign that The End Is Near: A Florida man makes vape liquid out of (something he claims is) his friend's semen, then inhales it and blows forth a mighty jizz cloud. This herald of the apocalypse, ID'd only as "Brad," claims he's "the first man ever to vape semen." He was reportedly paid $68 for the seminal act. (Why not make it $69? ;) )

If You Like Cum, You'll Love Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen's New Short

Jay Hathaway · 11/19/14 10:45AM

Sarah Silverman kicked off the short comedy series Rubberhead yesterday with a bit called "Cops Cum Dicks and Flying," co-starring Seth Rogen. The title doesn't immediately make sense, but then it suddenly arrives and it's all over you and ugh you're going to need a shower after this because there's so much of it.