Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and the Spirit of Capitalism

Michelle Dean · 07/29/14 11:05AM

What do you picture when you think about fame? Spotlights, a champagne swimming pool, fishnet tights produced in artisanal huts in Palm Springs? Does the act of "working" appear in your mental image? If your answer is no, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood would like to change that.

The New Yorker Fails at Satire Again

Sheila · 07/22/08 02:55PM

In the wake of last week's Obama cover scandal/satire, "this week's cover depicts a bunch of affluent whites carousing while their crustacean dinner escapes through the kitchen window... Clearly this is a veiled attack against the Jews. In this case, the humanoid character with the Semitic nose (on the right) is shown drinking some sort of red wine... red wine does not go with lobster." [Joshua David Stein]

Ivana Trump, The Raveonettes And Ivanka Trump

Choire · 10/15/07 10:40AM

Since time immemorial, or since maybe 2004, we have received missives from a person called The Earl Grey, who is the greatest social documentarian of our time. As frequently as possible, we print these letters as a service to society.