Camille Dodero · 08/19/13 03:15PM

You are overpaying for that lobster dinner.

Is Roadkill the Next Big American Cuisine?

Camille Dodero · 08/16/13 12:10PM

The New York Times brings us an unusual update on America's growing acceptance of home-cooked roadkill. Earlier this year, Montana's state legislation passed HB 247, the "Roadkill Bill," a measure that allows people to scrape up a car-killed carcass—specifically antelope, deer, elk and moose—and eat the meat for dinner, provided they present the corpse to a peace officer within 24 hours of the animal's death.

Pop-Tarts Sushi and Other Fine Foods at the New Pop-Tarts Cafe

Max Read · 08/08/10 10:10PM

A Pop-Tarts "cafe," featuring a 30-item menu including "Pop-Tarts sushi" and a build-your-own pack vending machine, will open in Times Square on Tuesday. Yes, you read that right: Pop-Tarts sushi. We have suggestions for more menu items!

Food Is Not Always As Advertised

Hamilton Nolan · 03/26/08 04:04PM

Germans: they have so much time on their hands! Some German guy with a website took the time to photograph the pictures of 100 different food items on their own packaging; then, photograph the actual food item inside. Then, post the whole mess on the internet [Funtasticus via Coudal]. The results, as you might imagine, are frequently disgusting. So we've culled the list for you down to the five biggest disparities between the advertised product and reality. Before you eat any more packaged German food, you must see this: