Google's Utterly Mental Signing Bonuses

Ryan Tate · 09/09/10 03:36PM

Google is paying some people around half a million dollars not to go to Facebook, a senior Facebook engineer has confirmed. Googlers, prepare to get spoiled and entitled again, recession be damned.

At Google, You're Old and Gray At 40

Ryan Tate · 06/21/10 01:29PM

Google faces an imminent California Supreme Court decision on whether it engaged in age discrimination. But that hasn't kept the internet company from patting itself on the back for how it supports old "Greyglers" — that's any Googler over 40.

Watch Conan O'Brien's Illegal Jay Leno Impression

Ryan Tate · 05/12/10 12:49PM

Here are the funniest moments of Conan O'Brien's recent visit to Google's Silicon Valley headquarters, including the comedian riffing on Google's "entitled a-hole" staff—and a cutting impersonation of Jay Leno that apparently violated legal constraints.

Life Inside the Googleplex Is Kinda Creepy

Ryan Tate · 04/14/10 02:38PM

What happens when Google swallows your life? A new hire at the internet company is blogging the experience, from waking in his Google apartment to taking a Google car to Google dinner and then Googling home via Google.

AP Business Desk's Pact with the Devil

Ryan Tate · 02/15/10 01:00PM

The Associated Press has said it's "mad as hell" at internet portals. Yet the wire service's pandering to one major online client is said to be severely taxing reporters and undermining editorial quality.

Culture of Fear Inflames Financial News Wires

Ryan Tate · 02/12/10 09:43AM

Bloomberg News staffers no longer have the market on fear and loathing cornered: Informants tell us that high-stakes monitoring of reporters' performance has poisoned the atmosphere at Reuters and the Associated Press business desk, too.

Facebook Cultists Liken New Video Feature to Moon Landing

Ryan Tate · 02/02/10 09:00AM

Here's an amazing recruiting video we stumbled across on Facebook's corporate site. Welcome to the beating heart of Silicon Valley's social networking bubble, where PHP coding is equated to death-defying mountain climbs and spacewalks.

How AOL Will Justify Sending Jobs to India

Ryan Tate · 01/07/10 08:35PM

Next week will bring a much-anticipated "nuclear" round of layoffs to AOL, insiders believe, part of an internal shift the CEO is describing as a cultural revolution. Indeed, some jobs are literally going to another culture, offshore, we hear.

Google Rejects Awesome People So It Doesn't Hog All of Them

Ryan Tate · 12/02/09 12:51PM

How selflessly cool is Google? Every now and then the company removes from consideration one of its superhuman job candidates, to avoid an over-concentration of brilliance. Google, you see, doesn't want to become a black hole of awesome.

The Eccentric Office Mrs. Twitter Helped Build

Ryan Tate · 11/17/09 12:05PM

Weird pictures continue to emerge from Twitter's new San Francisco HQ. But at least now we know where some of the outré decor is coming from: the CEO's wife, a designer, reportedly helped with the interior.

The Three Weirdest Things in Twitter's New Office

Ryan Tate · 11/16/09 06:01PM

Twitter employees have been uploading pictures of their new digs in San Francisco. Looks like the microblogging startup is more concerned with catching up to its rapid growth than with coherent interior decoration.