Wall Street Protesters Now Occupy an Office

Adrian Chen · 11/16/11 01:41PM

It looks like at some Occupy Wall Street protesters are taking their organizing efforts into a boring old office space, after the NYPD dismantled their camp early yesterday morning. Welcome to office hell, 99 percenters.

Arianna Huffington Gets the Finger from Her Entertainment Writers

Ryan Tate · 10/04/11 08:06PM

Arianna Huffington found the name "PopEater" tacky, so she threw everyone overboard and shut the AOL entertainment site down. That, at least, is the unauthorized message Huffington's former minions published to the world via Huffington's servers.

Hear a Defector's Shocking 180 on 'Cult Like' Zappos

Ryan Tate · 09/29/11 08:58PM

Zappos employee Christina Gomez sounded like an opiated zombie when she first talked to Freakonomics Radio. "This job is worth more than a million dollars, definitely," she said. "It's kind of like the Wizard of Oz, and we're in the Emerald City." A week later, Gomez was wondering what she had been smoking — and raising questions about life at the Amazon shoe subsidiary.

Enormous Dorks Discovered in Facebook's New York Office

Ryan Tate · 09/28/11 05:10PM

We always suspected, and now the New York Times has confirmed, that global social media juggernaut Facebook is importing vast quantities of Silicon Valley dorkitude into New York. And there are pictures to prove it.

Google Snitches About How We Actually Use the Internet

Ryan Tate · 08/24/11 05:47PM

Google has updated its list of the most visited sites on the web, and it looks like Facebook got one trillion pageviews in a single month. Gee, all the hard core internet research we've all been doing at work and all the serious essays and poetry we've been reading at home must be in Google's statistics somewhere, right?

Facebook Is Building an Eerie Cult Temple

Ryan Tate · 08/23/11 02:08PM

Facebook just filed plans to massively expand its campus into a largely self sufficient complex, complete with doctor's offices, laundry services, tribal "garages," and an open pit for roasting dead animals. Just in case the social network and its 27-year-old CEO didn't resemble Lord of the Flies enough already.

Amazon's Creepy Tax Dodge Training

Ryan Tate · 08/03/11 01:41PM really, really does not want to collect sales tax from its customers. But that's not just the online retailer's problem: If you work for Amazon, the tax obsession means you need permission to visit certain states, and might not be able to send certain emails when you get there. In some instances, you won't even be able to identify yourself as working for

Google Is 'Very Frugal,' Says Obscenely Overpaid Googler

Ryan Tate · 07/20/11 08:11PM

Never mind the free gourmet food orgies, company-sponsored servants, on-site massages, cash handouts, multi-million-dollar retention bonuses, posh commute coaches — Google is actually "very frugal," according to the guy who obtained a $10 million, four-year pay package from Google.

Googlers Do No Actual Work, Says Spy

Ryan Tate · 07/19/11 01:22PM

It's apparently a lazy summer at Google, where employees are so busy with food trucks, a seafood fair and endless eating they don't actually have time to work, rabble rousing comedian Marc Maron reports. Tell your broker to SELL.

Rude Racist Truths From a Call Center

Ryan Tate · 07/06/11 02:31PM

Oh, the things they say about us in Indian call centers. About Americans, about Australians — it's terribly insulting stuff. It's also kinda true!

Inside the Huffington Post-AOL Civil War

Ryan Tate · 06/10/11 02:25PM

Sure, we'd heard there was a civil war at AOL following the Huffington Post merger. But we never imagined we'd be hearing tales quite so evocative of schoolyard bullying. Team HuffPo is apparently the meanest clique at AOL Junior High.

Barry Diller's Secret Opulence

Ryan Tate · 11/24/10 05:31PM

Managers at IAC aren't feeling very thankful toward their happy-go-lucky leader right now: They found out just this week there will be no raises or bonuses for the third year in a row. So now they're dishing about his perks.

Google Fired an Apple Legend for Leaking Internal Memo

Ryan Tate · 11/23/10 11:54AM

The saga of Randy Wigginton is long and lively. He was employee number six at Apple. A distinguished engineer at PayPal and eBay. And now word out of Google is that he's been fired there for leaking a raise.

Google's $6 Million Feminist Bonus to Lady Engineer

Ryan Tate · 11/22/10 03:04PM

National unemployment remains stuck at nearly 10 percent and economic growth is tepid. But there are still golden tickets for workers if they're inside the tech bubble, especially if they're Google engineers courted by Facebook. And especially if they're women.

Google Is Now Providing Servants to Its Employees

Ryan Tate · 10/27/10 03:20PM

So much for the war on Googler entitlement. Amid heated competition for engineers, Google is trying a remarkable new perk: free use of "runners" to clean apartments, take out trash, cook dinner, run errands—whatever is needed.

Twitter Ashamed of Squalid New York Office

Ryan Tate · 09/23/10 03:01PM

San Francisco's Twitter just rented space for its burgeoning New York staff. But don't call it an "office:" Twitter is insistent its only real office is in California, and the thing in Gotham is, by definition, ghetto and weak.