Anne Hathaway to Die in Paris

Richard Lawson · 10/18/11 04:30PM

Not really, she's just going to be in a movie where that happens. Also today: Judy Greer gets another chance, so does Chord Overstreet, and Selena Gomez is a hot mess.

Clint Eastwood's Son Will Make Your Day

Richard Lawson · 07/13/11 04:50PM

Clint's former model son Scott has gotten a new acting gig, meaning he's poised for stardom! Also today: Ted Danson makes an odd choice, the glorious rise of Wendi McLendon-Covey, and some sneaky Canadians.

Chace Crawford Wants to Be Taken Seriously

Richard Lawson · 06/08/11 03:23PM

The Gossip Girl star would like some awards recognition, please. Also today: Leo DiCaprio taps into his murderous side, yet another CSI departure, and a Noah's Ark movie might be imminent.

Katherine Heigl to Make World's Worst Movie Even Worster

Richard Lawson · 01/31/11 03:54PM

When in doubt that your movie might not be the worst movie ever made, add Katherine Heigl to it. That ought to do! Also today: Batman news, Superman news, a comedian goes into business, and a CSI star returns.

All of Justin Bieber's Scenes from the CSI Premiere

Matt Cherette · 09/24/10 11:47AM

Did you remember to watch the Justin Bieber-filled premiere of CSI last night? No? Well, you're in luck, because a video featuring every onscreen moment—yes, every cringe-worthy, awkward one of them—of Bieber's appearance is inside this here post!

The Oldest TV Police Trick in the Book: Enhance!

Mike Byhoff · 12/18/09 09:40AM

Imagine if enhancing images wasn't possible on television shows. Would police officers solve anything? Probably not. Here's the best-of image enhancing on television. And in case you were wondering, CSI Miami is obviously in there.

Make Contractually Obligated Love To TV Guide's List of the 'Most Annoying TV Couples'

Kyle Buchanan · 08/21/08 02:35PM

There are TV characters you hate to love, and then there are those whose love you hate. TV Guide writer Damien Holbrook tackles the latter in the magazine's upcoming feature, "Top 10 Most Annoying TV Couples," which details the most aggravating, chemistry-free romances ever foisted on television by a hubris-stricken showrunner. Did your least favorite couple make the list? Will Katherine Heigl make her beloved Joshua forward the article to the Grey's Anatomy writers? Results and analysis, after the jump:First, the runners-up: No. 10 – Rob & Amber, Survivor No. 9 – Sara & Grissom, CSI No. 8 – Ryan & Marissa, The O.C. No. 7 – Trista & Ryan, The Bachelorette No. 6 – Kate & Jack, Lost No. 5 – Billy & Alison, Melrose Place No. 4 – Clark & Lana, Smallville No. 3 – Boris & Natasha, The Bullwinkle Show (ed. note: ???) And the top two, excerpted from TV Guide:

CCI: Cowboy Curtis Investigation

Seth Abramovitch · 08/06/08 04:30PM

· Laurence Fishburne is in negotiations to take over for the departing William Petersen in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, in which he'll play a scientist who "has the same genetic profile as a serial killer," much like the sociopathic cowboy he played on Saturday morning TV in the late '80s. [THR]
·Load up on guns, bring your friends: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video director Sam Bayer will direct the Michael Bay-produced noir action thriller Fiasco Heights for Universal. [THR]
·Suspiciously obtained reality show concept Wipeout, a surprise summer hit for ABC, has been renewed for another season of waterlogged, spine-snapping fun. [Variety]
·Taking Woodstock, Ang Lee's totally weird movie starring Demetri Martin as the gay decorator inadvertently at the center of the legendary music festival, will begin shooting this month, with go-to Period Gay Emile Hirsch added to the cast.
· Tony-winning Best Play August: Osage County is being prepped for a movie version, probably to star Meryl Streep, with a snappier plot based on a series of loosely-strung-together Roxette songs. [Variety]

Showbiz Has-Beens James Blunt and Gary Dourdan Enjoy An Excellent NSFW Adventure

Molly Friedman · 07/23/08 12:25PM

How's this for an unlikely couple? Former CSI star-turned-drug-runner Gary Dourdan and the singer responsible for the most annoying song of the decade, James Blunt, have apparently pooled together whatever cash they have left in their respective bank accounts and gone on holiday together. While on an Ibizan vacation of sin, the heroin/ecstasy enthusiast and the notorious player teamed up to stage a far racier version of Miley Cyrus’ homemade porny photo spreads, as they posed alongside at least three topless prostitutes female friends who were overjoyed to fake anal sex and engage in a little lesbian chic foreplay for the paparazzi. The NSFW photos, including a particularly fun shot of the blondest, nude-iest girl for hire who appears to be delighted to have her head shoved towards the third wheel's crotch, after the jump: