FBI Arrests Nearly Every Single Top Official For Running Insanely Corrupt Tiny Texas Town

Andy Cush · 02/08/16 11:55AM

In the remote town of Crystal City, Texas, the mayor, city manager, mayor pro tempore, a city councilman, and a former councilman were all arrested by federal agents last week. Last month, another councilman was arrested. Crystal City has only three people total on its city council, and the lone remaining councilman was the only official who reported for work at city hall on Friday.

New Church for Single Mormons Offers Fun, Sexually Tense Times

Lauri Apple · 05/29/11 12:57PM

In Crystal City, a town just outside Washington, D.C. whose name makes it sound very magical and castle-filled, the marriage-centric Mormons have opened the nation's first singles-only worship place. It sounds really stressful.