Ted Cruz is Upset True Blood Made Fun of Him

Aleksander Chan · 07/22/14 07:56PM

True Blood, a television show about Anna Paquin and her husband, has offended former Canadian and current Texas Senator Ted Cruz. This past Sunday's episode, "Lost Cause," depicted a fictional fundraiser held in Cruz's honor at the (real) George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas. In keeping with the show's seven seasons of thinly-veiled invectives leveled against conservatives, the episode did not speak favorably of Cruz or his fellow Republicans.

Tom Scocca · 07/11/13 09:50AM

Looks like somebody needs to add a "WAH" button to their website, LOL

New Yorkers Furious to Discover Bike Sharing Requires Bikes, Racks

Cord Jefferson · 05/14/13 03:15PM

When New York City authorities announced details of a new municipal bike-sharing program last year, New Yorkers cheered. "What a fun, cheap, and easy way to traverse this great city of ours," thought citizens, 30 percent of whom said they would be at least somewhat likely to use the bikes. "And wonderful for the environment as well."

Blubbering San Diego Chargers Fan Can't Handle Losing to Oakland

Dan Grappone · 10/16/10 04:00PM

Here's a mother out to embarrass her son: watch this kid cry his eyes out while watching his beloved San Diego Chargers lose 35-27 to the perennial lowly Oakland Raiders. Hey, everyone loses sometimes...but not to Oakland!

It's Not That Hot

Hamilton Nolan · 07/19/10 01:43PM

"Wahh, I live in a Northeastern city and am unaccustomed to weather suitable for human life. Therefore I will complain about this alleged 'heat wave' we've been having." That's what I hear all the time. Hey: it's not that hot.