Cruise Ships Now Most Dangerous Place On Earth

Hamilton Nolan · 01/02/09 03:29PM

Enjoy your cruise! But beware of running aground, falling overboard, disappearing, and/ or being jacked by Somali pirates. Click to watch a compilation of just one month of holiday cruise ship disasters.

Ships of Fools

Pareene · 08/06/08 02:22PM

Oh look. Someone has invented the official Pink Floyd cruise. For three days and three nights you can enjoy the sweet sounds of "Think Floyd USA," the country's "number one" Pink Floyd cover band, while trapped on a boat in the Bahamas. Here's our question: would you rather travel on the "The Great Gig in the Sea" or attend the yearly National Review cruise with Dinesh D'Souza and the enraged ghost of William F. Buckley? Please answer in the form of a short essay, in the comments. The best response wins a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry!

Joshua Stein · 07/23/07 04:36PM

Never have we been so grateful for an aluminum tray filled with chewy khaki-colored chicken cutlets nor so appreciative of the New York Time's City section than we have while reading David Shaftel's exposé, Putting the Oh! in Ocean.