Outkast's Big Boi Arrested Over Ecstasy, Viagra

Max Read · 08/07/11 03:05PM

Atlanta rapper Big Boi—one half of Outkast along with André 3000, and star of one of the great episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit—was arrested in Miami on Sunday on drug possession charges. Rappers, right? Always with ecstasy and viagra-fueled cruises!

The 'Sexually-Oriented' Cruises that Earned an SEC Complaint

Max Read · 04/21/10 12:45AM

An investment firm just got busted for defrauding clients of $120 million—some of which was funneled into a "sexually-oriented charter cruise venture." What is a "sexually-oriented charter cruise venture"? And does it have an unlimited soda plan?

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning Have Made Out

Maureen O'Connor · 11/19/09 05:14AM

Kristen Stewart's corruption of Dakota Fanning is complete, Joe Francis is filing for bankruptcy, and Kirstie Alley says Conan "acts like I bit his dick off." Thursday's gossip has castration anxiety.

Tom Cruise on Tom Cruise, Homoeroticist

Richard Blakeley · 01/18/08 11:41AM

Tom Cruise's biographer, for all his embarrassing revelations about the Hollywood actor's fervor for Scientology, doesn't give much credence to the longstanding rumors that the movie star is gay. Tom Cruise is a "conventional, heterosexual man who, more interestingly, never wants to be alone," writer Andrew Morton tells US Weekly. But that's not the conclusion that a close watcher of Cruise's movies might come to. Quentin Tarantino, in Sleep With Me, found homoerotic undertones in the glances between Cruise and Val Kilmer in Top Gun. We see gay, everywhere. So, here it is, the video that the Scientologists really didn't want you to see: Tom Cruise on Tom Cruise, Homoeroticist. It's funny. Watch it.

Blog Cruise 2006: Scoble and a seafood buffet

ndouglas · 02/02/06 09:51AM

Exclusive tip to Valleywag readers — I just heard of a TOTALLY AMAZING pleasure cruise. In between meals of buffet-style shrimp salad, cruisers will attend exciting lectures about the blogosphere.