Bear Bile Farming Is Even Worse Than It Sounds

Nitasha Tiku · 05/22/13 11:00AM

Hackers, protesters, and more than 70 Chinese celebrities, including Yao Ming, are opposing an initial public offering made by a Chinese company called Guizhentang Pharmaceutical, whose key ingredient is bear bile. The bile is cruelly "milked" by inserting tubes in the animals abdomens three times a day, "sometimes for years," reports The New York Times.

Is Dalton Tutor Anisha Lakhani Ratting Out Rich Kids?

Emily Gould · 06/13/07 10:45AM

Posh private school tell-alls are so hot right now! That Hotchkiss School roman a clef has been getting improbably lauded and Academy X author Andrew Trees has been getting ousted from Horace Mann—and now another insider peek at that rarefied world has sold. TABOO: A Manhattan Tutor Talks is to be an "autobiographical novel," written by an anonymous author writing under the name "Anna Taggart," whose real identity will be revealed "upon publication." Or maybe sooner. Hey, how's now?