Dumb Magazine to Let Dumb Readers Write the Whole Thing

Hamilton Nolan · 01/09/12 11:40AM

As the recession and the popularity of the internet ground away at the traditional magazine world like the opposing teeth of a hungry beaver, everyone has had to make adjustments. Some had layoffs. Other cut back on pages. Still others turned to outrageous promotional gimmicks. But Ladies Home Journal may have hit on the most transformative idea of all: just have readers write a bunch of crap and then put that crap in the magazine instead of whatever other crap your own writer were writing, in the past.

Vicious Machete Attack in New Jersey Caught on Tape

Matt Cherette · 11/03/11 02:53AM

Police in Paterson, New Jersey announced on Wednesday that they'd arrested three men wanted for viciously assaulting two men with a machete inside a restaurant back in September. How'd they do it? They posted the surveillance footage on Facebook in an effort to crowdsource the investigation.

Will Gamers Discover the Cure for AIDS?

Lauri Apple · 09/18/11 07:08PM

Using Foldit, a collaborative online game that any old schmuck with a computer can download for free off the Internet, some video game players have solved a complicated monkey-virus puzzle that has confounded scientists for more than a decade. Are scientists stupid?

Designers Are Furious at the Freeloading Huffington Post

Ryan Tate · 08/15/11 05:32PM

Professional designers have finally had it with the Huffington Post always asking for free shit all the time. You're a publicly traded company now, HuffPo. You can design your own damned logo for politics coverage.

Narcissistic Startup Founder Asks the World Whether He Should Attend Harvard

Ryan Tate · 08/08/11 05:07PM

Should Mike Moradian get a Harvard MBA? Or should Mike Moradian forever change education with his awesome web startup? Mike Moradian is tortured by this decision, so he has asked the nation to think about what will make the brightest possible future for Mike Moradian and then to get back to Mike Moradian with a recommendation. Don't you already want to help?

Bedbug Panic Hits the Web: The Interactive Map

Maureen O'Connor · 08/27/10 05:54PM

In the mood for some bedbug-related fearmongering and/or pranks? Check out, where users catalog close encounters with the bloodsucking kind. Let us explore this terrorizing website and see whose lives we can ruin with it. Update: Bedbug Registry responds.

Zagat: We Invented Crowdsourced Citizen Journalism

Maureen O'Connor · 04/21/10 01:10PM

Zagat's strategy for its losing battle against foodie blogs and user-generated restaurant review sites: Claiming to be kindreds. Nina Zagat says the Zagat Survey was crowd-sourcing before it was cool. Yelp : Zagat :: Charles Darwin :: Alfred Wallace Russel. Who? Exactly. [HuffPo]

Advertising Gives Up

Hamilton Nolan · 11/02/09 12:40PM

You people always have something slick to say about our ads. You think you're so fucking smart? You figure out the ads, then. We'll just sit here while you work for free. Uh, we mean...Do the Dewmocracy™!