Eric Schmidt Wants a TV Show

Ryan Tate · 01/24/11 02:46PM

Google's soon-to-be-ex CEO reportedly filmed a pilot for CNN as part of a year-long effort to find a TV job. The only problem: It was really, really bad.

How Julia Allison Lured Jack McCain Into Her Web

Ryan Tate · 12/23/10 10:36AM

It's true: Julia Allison is dating John McCain's son Jack. And the dalliance will bring the internet famemonger long-lost levels of attention, despite protestations to the contrary. Her camera has certainly been busy.

Why CBS Bought Mommy's Twitter

Ryan Tate · 12/15/10 05:10PM

CBS picked up mommy blogger Kelly Oxford's sitcom in at least the third Twitter-to-TV deal at the network in the last year. Microblogging may feed on life's most banal moments, but that only makes TV executives love it more.

Justin Timberlake, Nerd God

Ryan Tate · 09/15/10 03:55PM

Who would have thought the Facebook movie's breakout star would be Justin Timberlake? Apparently the singing, dancing, tequila-brewing genius put out a surprisingly strong performance in The Social Network. Well enough, maybe, to take an obscure nerd international.

iPhone Game Might Become a Movie

Ryan Tate · 08/24/10 07:40PM

Steve Jobs has created another monster. After taking in more than $4 million in Jobs' iPhone App Store, the independently developed game Angry Birds is in talks for a movie or TV show and just inked a toy deal.

Julia Allison's Clone Army

Ryan Tate · 08/27/09 02:42PM

Julia Allison wants to be a Web mogul. Foreman of a fameball factory. Oprah to a dozen young Dr. Phils. In short, she'd like to replicate herself. Ominously, for such grand ambitions, she's recruiting on Cragslist.