Hamilton Nolan · 03/31/15 08:58AM

The New York state government, one of the most corrupt bodies in America, has just passed a tax break for purchasers of yachts costing more than a quarter of a million dollars. "It's about job creation," said one of the many Albany indistinguishable leaders who will, god willing, be marched off to jail one day.

​The "Nanny From Hell" Is an American Hero

Tom Scocca · 07/03/14 08:00AM

As the story of the so-called "Nanny From Hell" continues to unfold, it becomes clearer and clearer that America is a nation of cringing dupes and shameless predators, and that most of the predators are also dupes. The coverage, very much including this site's own coverage, has been dedicated to the peculiar notion that the villain in the story is Diane Stretton, the so-called "nanny" who has been refusing to leave the house of her employers.

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 11/24/13 05:05PM

A Long Island deli owner and his son have been charged with grand larceny after they told a lotto winner who spoke limited English that he had won $1,000. In fact, he'd won a million, and the deli owner had pocketed the rest.

Infomercial Scam Diet Pitchman Jailed

Hamilton Nolan · 11/13/13 09:38AM

Kevin Trudeau is a longtime TV pitchman famous for selling the public secrets that "THEY" don't want you to know. For example, THEY don't want you to know that Kevin Trudeau is a fraud who is now in jail.

The Atlanta Braves Will Not Be Stuck Playing in a 20-Year-Old Ballpark

Tom Scocca · 11/11/13 04:35PM

"Nostalgia's a fad," Stan Kasten, then president of the Atlanta Braves, said in 1996. "This is classic." He was talking about the brand-new Centennial Olympic Stadium, which was designed to be converted after the Atlanta Olympics into a state-of-the-art baseball stadium for the Braves, at a total construction cost of $209 million.

Bernie Madoff Was a Great Boss

Hamilton Nolan · 10/22/13 04:00PM

You heard of this fella, Bernie Madoff? Runs some sort of money management place in Midtown. Great guy to work for. The best. If you're job-hunting, that is absolutely the man you wanna work for.

Tom Scocca · 04/30/13 01:54PM

Corrupt fraud-lizard Lanny Davis comforts jabbering bigot Tim Brando about Twitter meanies who "spew hate and venom—almost always anonymously." You're both stains on humanity. Signed, Gawker.

Legendary Boston Crime Boss Whitey Bulger Arrested

Max Read · 06/22/11 11:09PM

James "Whitey" Bulger, the Boston crime boss who inspired Jack Nicholson's character in The Departed, was finally arrested in Santa Monica, of all places, after more than 15 years on the lam.