What Will Become of the Criterion Collection?

Alex Carnevale · 11/22/08 03:10PM

Before the Criterion Collection came along, the idea of releasing a film in widescreen format or with a commentary track was silly. Consumers didn't want that extra crap! Now every film eventually gets an overdone production full of extras, and Criterion is having a harder time carving out a niche in the marketplace for their pricey, tricked-out releases. We say that because the company is offering a 40 percent off sale (!) for three more days. Details, and whether the company can survive the economic downturn, after the jump.It happens in every field. Innovation changes up a staid industry, and leads to wholesale changes. The company that spearheads the innovation benefits initially, but the real positive effect is on the consumer and a more efficient marketplace. And as a result, the original company can't differentiate itself in the same way it did when it arrived on the scene.