You Too Can Be a Mystical D-Bag with This Criss Angel Magic Kit

Henry Baker · 08/27/10 04:33PM

Want to learn how to pour salt from your hand and impress girls while wearing trucker hats? You're in luck, with the "Magician of the Century"'s own magic kit. Hilariously, Criss isn't in this, and opted for a stand-in.

Criss Angel Mindfreaks Jimmy Kimmel

Angelito Yambao Jr. · 08/17/10 02:30PM

Like most magicians, illusionists, mentalists, and mindfreaks that go on talk shows it's their jobs to showcase their skills on television. Apparently, Criss Angel is so good Jimmy Kimmel believes he can capture Osama bin Laden.

"Christ Angel" Freaks Our Minds on Ugly Americans

Jessica Poolt · 03/25/10 04:11PM

Leonard's brother, Christ Angel, is an impressively douchey illustrated approximation of the actual Mindfreak. Watch in wonder as he shoots doves out of his crotch and births himself from the loins of an audience volunteer at Radio City.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/18/09 07:12AM

Katie Holmes, actress and Bride of Scientology, turns 31 today. Hard-charging hedge fund manager Dan Loeb is turning 48. Brad Pitt turns 46. Steven Spielberg is turning 63. Christina Aguilera is celebrating her 29th birthday today. Dan Klores, the publicist turned documentary filmmaker, is marking his 60th. The head of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, is 52. Memorial Sloan-Kettering president (and Nobel Prize winner) Harold Varmus is turning 70. Troubled rapper DMX is 39. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones is 66. Ray Liotta is turning 55. Model agency owner Faith Kates is 52. And former Miss USA Tara Conner is turning 24 today. A bunch of weekend birthdays is below.

Jennifer Aniston's Breakup History is Just Horrendous

The Cajun Boy · 05/15/09 07:19AM

Some guy shamed himself in a restaurant to try to get Jennifer Aniston back, Criss Angel is going around stealing cats all over Las Vegas, and Kate Gosselin is most definitely boning her bodyguard.

Lindsay Bounces Back

cityfile · 05/15/09 06:14AM

• Lindsay Lohan is certainly having a good week. Not only did she finally land another acting role—she'll be appearing in The Other Side, along with Woody Harrelson, and Giovanni Ribisi—but she may be getting her own clothing line at JCPenny, too. And the cops are getting closer to figuring out who broke into her house, too, which has got to be good news. [NYDN, People, NYP]
• These are tough times for Jennifer Aniston, clearly: Bette Midler is now providing her with dating advice and says Jen should sign up on JDate and find "a nice Jewish boy" with "a lot of money." [NYDN]
• Rihanna is "convinced" it was Chris Brown who leaked nude photos of her last week as payback for not attending his birthday party. [NYDN]
Chelsea Clinton has a six-pack! [P6]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/19/08 07:49AM

Considering he's spent the last couple of days fending off accusations he's a slumlord, this probably won't be the most cheerful day for hotel/restaurant owner Eric Goode: He celebrates his 51st birthday today. Others born on the 19th of December: Jake Gyllenhaal is 28 today. Alyssa Milano is 36. Tyson Beckford turns 38. Lady Sovereign is turning 23. Criss Angel turns 41. And real estate developer Doug Durst is turning 64. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

Holly Madison Confirms She is The First Victim of Hef's Bedroom Downsizing Campaign

Kyle Buchanan · 10/07/08 02:20PM

Today's wintry economic climate extends to all corners of the industry, including Hugh Hefner's stable of girlfriends, where the market had formerly held stable at a secure "three bunnies." Recently, though, Hef's harem has been rocked by rumors of infidelity, shaking our faith in polygamous monogamy to the very core. Now, Hef's main girl next door Holly Madison — recently linked to oily magician Criss Angel — has confirmed the split rumors that Hefner himself had been denying. Says Us:

Criss Angel Pulls A Rabbit Out Of Hef's Hat

AmyKSays · 09/23/08 12:30PM

As you may have heard, there's some drama brewing in the hills — the Holmby Hills, that is — where veritable antique Hugh Hefner has been holed up in the Playboy mansion with his three The Girls Next Door girlfriends, including reigning hottie Holly Madison. But Holly, who has been Hef's number one squeeze for the past seven years, is finally fed up with Hef - who, unlike all other straight men in Los Angeles, doesn't share Holly's dreams of wedded bliss and babies galore. Shit, she has a better chance of getting preggers swimming in the Grotto than in bed with Hef! Anyway, since domesticated life isn't in the cards, Holly's been cozying up with magician Criss Angel in Vegas - where, true to form, nothing has stayed a secret. Now Hef is threatening that Holly's days of free hair extensions and unlimited edible underwear may be numbered.Clearly, Criss Angel — who has always scored a ridiculous amount of tail for someone who wears guyliner — is one to fawn over. He's got way more going for him than Hef: sperm count, lots of cool tats, and most importantly: magic. But Holly still isn't copping up to her tricks, even after photos surfaced last week of the two canoodling in Sin City. Yesterday on her MySpace, where she suspiciously (guiltily?) lists the magician's A&E's show Mindfreak as her fave television show, she had this to say about her two-timing ways:

Brad & Angie Need Help Around the House

cityfile · 09/18/08 05:50AM

♦ You'd think that for $85,000-a-month, you might shell out a few extra few bucks on a maid. Apparently not. According to the Star, there's no one cleaning up after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids, and their French chateau is a complete pigsty that "looks like a war zone." [Star]
Jennifer Lopez raised $127,000 for charity by competing in the Malibu triathalon. She then flew directly to New York and spent $800,000 on Marc Anthony's birthday party. [MSNBC]
♦ According to the always reliable Joe Francis, Lindsay Lohan is straight. [E!]
♦ Lindsay: Please don't discuss how you're supporting Barack in November. You're embarrassing him. [NYDN]

Cameron Diaz Spotted Leaving Party With Second Most Famous 'Entourage' Cast Member

Molly Friedman · 05/06/08 04:50PM

Going through a tough breakup is never easy, but the subsequent tendency to canoodle with every available bachelor in town on a weekly basis rarely helps ease the pain. Case in point: Cameron Diaz, who has most recently been spotted "holding hands" with Entourage star and professional party-goer Kevin Connolly. And it seems like only yesterday when Diaz made out with Jason Patric on a beach, and only last week when Diaz was linked to 300 star Gerard Butler. And the list has gone on and on — Criss Angel! Djimon Hounsou! — ever since long-term boyfriend Justin Timberlake headed for curvier pastures last year. We take a closer look at the self-professed "boy-crazy" Cameron's evening with E after the jump.