Escaped Prisoner Disguised as Old Man Caught in Chicago

Mallory Ortberg · 01/06/13 01:35PM

A bank robber who broke out of downtown Chicago's federal jail in an "old man" disguise has been recaptured. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, 38-year-old Kenneth Conley was arrested Friday while dressed as an elderly man wearing "sunglasses, a beret, an overcoat" and hobbling with "a cane."

'Plain Jane Bandit' Has World's Worst Criminal Nickname

Caity Weaver · 08/03/12 10:23AM

Used to be folks wouldn't dream of going to the theater without long white gloves, traveling on an aeroplane in short pants, or robbing a bank in anything but their finest haute couture ball gown.

Fugitive Taunts Cops on Facebook, Gets Caught

Max Read · 07/28/11 10:51AM

Taunting police on Facebook when they're out searching for you is, admittedly, pretty funny. But if you're going to do it, it's important that you not get caught. Otherwise you end up like recently-apprehended fugitive Victor Burgos: In jail, and looking really dumb.

Meet the Woman Who Sprayed Cops With Her Breast Milk

Max Read · 06/27/11 08:46PM

Police in Delaware, Ohio, were called to the Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center early Saturday morning to handle a domestic violence call. What they found was Stephanie Robinette, 30, a charter-school teacher, who, while attending a wedding at the center, had "gotten drunk and struck [her husband] several times before locking herself in a car." Here is how Delaware County Sheriff Walter L. Davis III describes what happened:

Don't Have Loud Conversations About the Warrant for Your Arrest

Max Read · 05/31/11 09:21PM

If you're a fugitive, it's probably in your best interests to keep that a secret from people you encounter. Like Richard R. Vermalyea, 32, of Rehoboth, Delaware, who kept the two warrants out for his arrest a secret when he checked in to the Traveler's Motel in Delmar, Maryland. Unfortunately for Vermalyea, however, his secret did not last for very long. Because his neighbors "heard a man yelling during a phone conversation that there was a warrant for his arrest and called police."

Inmate Smuggles Pills into Prison in Her Vagina

Brian Moylan · 02/25/11 05:35PM

When arriving to jail in Florida to serve 30 days for drug possession, corrections officers asked Sara King if she had anything she's not supposed to have. She replied, "Just my pills in my vagina."