The Duggar Homeschool Program's Terrifying Advice on Sexual Assault

Jay Hathaway · 05/22/15 05:36PM

Why were evangelical reality star and conservative political activist Josh Duggar’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle so slow to act on the revelation that their eldest son had molested his younger sisters—and, ultimately, so lenient? Documents about sexual abuse from the cult-like homeschooling program the family follows—which focus on public image and lay heavy blame on the victims of assault—may help answer the question.

Pervy Landlords Installed Spy Cams and Watched Tenant Having Sex: Suit

Andy Cush · 11/06/14 05:57PM

Aksana Kuzmitskaya of Manhattan's Upper West Side lived through every tenant's nightmare according to a lawsuit alleging that her landlord installed webcams in her apartment, then used them to spy on her showering, going to the bathroom, and having sex.

Here Is Alleged Ricin Guy Singing "Little Red Corvette" to Mortified Teens

Camille Dodero · 04/18/13 02:00PM

Remember in high school, when your laziest teachers would invite in terribly ineffectual special guests to entertain the class, usually on Fridays right before vacation week? And while you'd be happy these guests freed you from any actual responsibility, you always wondered why "they" didn't just give you a Half Day, because no one wanted to be here anyway, except maybe the poor saps who'd been cajoled into thinking their expertise meant something to a room of indifferent clock-watchers?

Here Is the Creepiest Thing You Will See All Year

John Cook · 01/24/12 12:47PM

Behold the deeply, deeply unsettling (and NSFW) stop-motion videography of artist Monica Cook (NO RELATION AT ALL WHATSOEVER), featuring animatronic-looking sweaty weirdos giving birth to horrible misshapen babies with outsized genitalia and then turning into werewolves. The video is from March; Cook has a new show at Postmasters Art Gallery in New York featuring, in the words of Animal NY's Marina Galperina, "humanoid, cave-dwelling monkeys, loving in efflorescent goo, conceiving, birthing, mothering, and dying… all while you can see their insides working through their transparent, ripping skin. It's all shiny fluid and dripping flesh, sequins, pipes, teeth and peeled glittered bones." It's also "very touching," she says. Sweet dreams.

This Might Be the Creepiest Art Project Ever

Adrian Chen · 11/16/11 04:37PM

Artists come up with some twisted stuff, but this project by Dutch visual artist Willem Popelier might be the creepiest project ever. He essentially cyberstalked two 14-year-old girls whose photos he found on a showroom laptop.

Watch Jim Carrey's Creepy Video Love Letter to Emma Stone

Matt Cherette · 08/24/11 11:21PM

For reasons unknown—and probably best left unexplained—Jim Carrey took to his new website today with a creepy video love letter to Emma Stone, who at 22 is less than half his age. Full of lines like "If I were a lot younger, I would marry you, and we would have chubby little freckle-faced kids," Carrey's full confession is above (for those who can get through it). [via Dlisted]

Man's Skeleton Found in Chimney 27 Years After Disappearance

Max Read · 07/27/11 09:15PM

Well, here's a story not to think about next time you are in an enclosed space: A bank in Abbeville, La. that was undertaking renovations this year discovered a skeleton inside a chimney that had been closed for three decades.

Child Bride Courtney Stodden and Creepy Old Husband Give Weirdest Interview Yet

Maureen O'Connor · 07/21/11 01:02PM

Every time we try to look away from 51-year-old Lost actor Doug Hutchison and 16-year-old country singer Courtney Stodden, their freakshow antics suck us back in. In a new E! interview, they pass a Yorkie back and forth, rubbing noses and giggling about Courtney losing her virginity. "He's a tiger," Courtney teases, moving in for a hug. "You're so bad," Doug replies, burying his face in her chest.

So, Here Is a Singing Robot Box With Lips

Max Read · 07/13/11 09:02PM

This is a "robot mouth" developed by Professor Hideyuki Sawada. It is, uh, "singing" a Japanese nursery rhyme called "Kagome Kagome." Fear not! Its intentions—"to help hearing-impaired people improve their speech"—are noble. So far. Soon, its horrible moans will provide the soundtrack to the ritualistic setting afire of human flesh in the "Robot Spring" of 2017. Perhaps if you learn to mimic its mechanical wail you will be allowed to live, in some kind of serving capacity. Probably not, though. [via PopSci]