Marine Arrested for Arranging Incestuous Sex with Minors

Lacey Donohue · 10/01/13 07:10PM

U.S. Marine Stephen Lewis, a private first class stationed at Camp Pendleton in southern California, was arrested two weeks ago after arranging to have sex with an entire family: a man, his 12-year-old son, and his 11-year-old daughter. The only problem with this plan (aside from everything) was that he arranged for the meeting with an undercover Department of Homeland Security agent on the incest website (note: these agents are “essential” employees during the shutdown).

Boy Scouts of America's 'Perversion Files' Released

Robert Kessler · 10/18/12 02:39PM

After a two-year-long court battle, records kept by the Boy Scouts of America on suspected child abusers have been released online. The records were kept from 1965 to 1985 and contain the names of men who were banned from volunteering with the Boy Scouts after they were accused of abusing the young men entrusted to them. The so-called "perversion files" also contain the names of men banned on suspicion of being gay.

Despite Takedown Notice, Reddit's Creepiest Community Is Still Sharing Your Nudes

Max Read · 08/17/12 04:10PM

R/photobucketplunder has "gone dark." After a Gawker article about the Reddit subsection's practice of finding and sharing inadvertently-published, sexually explicit photos on Photobucket, the image-hosting site served a takedown notice: "It has come to PBI's attention that you are violating PBI's Terms of Use... Moreover, the name and graphics used for your subreddit infringe PBI's registered trademarks." The r/photobucketplunder mods posted a final message: "Gone dark. Due to a legal request from photobucket, we have gone dark. It was a good run."

The Day My Parents (and I) Found Out My Boobs Were on the Internet

Anonymous · 08/15/12 03:55PM

We received an anonymous personal account this week from a woman who'd read about Reddit's "fusking" of private nude photographs that had been uploaded to PhotoBucket. The tipster had had a similar experience, only with a website we'd never heard of. (very NSFW), she wrote, had stolen nude photographs she'd never intended to be made public, and then—adding insult to a privacy breach she might never had known existed otherwise—linked to her Facebook profile so that her identity was matched to the embarrassment.

Woman's Mysterious Internet Stalker Turns Out to Be Her Awful Boyfriend

Max Read · 09/21/11 03:15AM

What if you were the victim of an online stalker? Someone who spent three years crafting a campaign against you, who somehow got his hands on nude photos of you and sent them to your family. How could that situation get any worse? What if it turned out your stalker was your boyfriend?

Senator Shares Fantasy About Playing Basketball with Obama

Jim Newell · 07/28/11 03:43PM

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts thought it would be a good — again, that's good — idea yesterday to ramble for 10+ minutes yesterday on the Senate floor about his fantasy game of basketball with President Obama, during which they would discuss policy. This is the only way to get the president's attention, he larfed. Hehe, yesiree. What?

Joran Van Der Sloot Once Pondered Life as a Prostitute

Jeff Neumann · 06/08/11 11:45PM

Before suspected murderer and confirmed creep Joran van der Sloot allegedly killed 21-year-old Stephany Flores in Peru last year, he was tapped out from gambling and considered selling his services for some quick cash. The mad Dutchman was racking up debts with a hotel and "others," according to the National Enquirer. Things got so bad for van der Sloot that he allegedly wrote to a friend, "I'm in such a serious situation that I would prostitute myself in return for help."

McDonald's Chief Defends Creepy Mascot

Jeff Neumann · 05/20/11 05:28AM

A day after an ad campaign demanding the resignation of Ronald McDonald appeared in newspapers around the country, McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner rushed to the clown's defense, and defended his company's right to peddle toxic food to children, telling a shareholder meeting that "this is about choice."