An Easier Way to Rob an ATM

Hamilton Nolan · 07/19/10 08:14AM

We've all dreamed of smashing an ATM to get at the sweet, sweet money inside. But it always seemed like such a hassle. Dragging it behind a car? Messy crowbars? No more! Now you can rob ATMs the easy way.

Creativity Folded Into Ad Age

Hamilton Nolan · 09/11/09 02:01PM

In your unforgettable Friday media column: Creativity magazine folds, a high school paper bravely outs its school's Jesus-tainted food supply, medical journals are full of ghostwriters, and the WaPo's most infamous marketer resigns.

Ad People See Potential In This Whole Spitzer Affair

Hamilton Nolan · 03/21/08 10:03AM

Highly paid creative advertising experts have come up with an idea for an ad that is sure to knock your funny bone right out of joint: the Eliot Spitzer scandal! Remember that mess with the governor, and the hooker? Now it's fodder for ads! These people are quick, you have to give them that! Politico got hold of the following casting call for a new hotel commercial; what do you get when a Caucasian man, a Caucasian woman, an African-American male, and a British guy walk into a hotel? Hilarity!: