Terrifying: The Creative Underclass May Never Escape the City

Hamilton Nolan · 01/20/15 11:02AM

Traditionally, young people come to the big city with a dream; then, when that dream inevitably fails to materialize, many of them move away to some smaller, more forgiving town and cry silently, years later, at what might have been. Now, the fucking tables have turned.

Bloggers and Other Nerds Are Renting All the Fancy Apartments Now

Hamilton Nolan · 07/19/11 09:39AM

In the olden days before the U.S. economy devolved into a pure gold-and-canned-goods bartering system, Wall Street guys were the ones who rented all the gaudy, overpriced good apartments. Now that Wall Street's been decimated, who will the real estate industry turn to, to unload all those new condos with "Wii rooms?" Oh, they will sell these pricey spaces to "bloggers," it says here. Hahaha.

Booze, Bed-Sharing and Betrayal Are Pillars of Korean Journalism

Ryan Tate · 02/22/10 01:26PM

Journalism training in Korea has all the hallmarks of a good reality show: Cub reporters must drink themselves silly, stay awake around the clock, sleep together, and stab one another in the back. It makes Columbia look like Coney Island.

Team Jon Stewart Wins Again

Adrian Chen · 11/11/09 11:00PM

Sean Hannity just apologized for running footage on his program yesterday that inflated the size of a crowd at some awful protest. And he gave props to Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show" for calling him out on it. But...

The Plight of Print's Lucky Ones

Gabriel Snyder · 08/27/09 01:31PM

Lest they offend their many laid off friends, anyone who's kept their job in print media will tell you they're one of "the lucky ones." But privately, survivors talk of the malaise sweeping medialand. This is one of them.

Homelessness Now an Edge in Elle Internships

Hamilton Nolan · 08/25/09 09:54AM

A homeless woman has landed a (coveted?) four-month internship with Elle magazine, proving that unemployed journalists need only fall a *little* farther to get "back in the game."

Wretched Interns Desperately Compete for Life-Sustaining Snack Cakes

Hamilton Nolan · 07/14/09 04:27PM

Things have gotten so bad that unpaid corporate interns are literally starving. Across America, interns are desperately prostituting their fresh young smiling faces in return for a single box of Little Debbie muffins, so they may live another day.

How Laid-Off Journalist Dodged Insanity

Ryan Tate · 03/12/09 09:21PM

Here's the thing about losing your journalism job and starting your own internet/freelance business: Suddenly you work, eat, sleep, drink and even exercise in one tiny space. Laura Rich almost went crazy.

Desperate Youth Pay For Internships

Ryan Tate · 01/27/09 11:51PM

The ongoing collapse of the American economy means middle-class college grads must behave like coddled aristocratic twits and secure internships through their parents' largesse.

The Most Depressing Layoff in New York?

Ryan Tate · 12/30/08 12:25AM

New York magazine profiled seven city residents who lost their jobs in the economic meltdown. The most heartbreaking? That would be Marc Thomas, 44, failed dramatist.