Cream Bassist Jack Bruce Dead at 71

Dayna Evans · 10/25/14 12:30PM

The Scottish bassist and singer best known for his role in '60s group Cream died in his home in Suffolk, England on Saturday, a statement from his family said.

How Much Is Too Much to Pay a Rich Person For Being Incompetent?

Adam Weinstein · 05/06/14 10:40AM

Are you rich? No? Then the servicey aspect of this post this probably doesn't apply to you. But if you're rich, you probably want to know how you can be richer, right? Here's the secret: Do less work. And the work you do, do it worse. In other words, be a hedge fund manager!

The Chicago City Employee That Made $91,000 in Overtime in 2012 Has Things Figured Out

Jordan Sargent · 01/22/13 07:30PM

Ever wanted to be a policeman in Chicago? No? Me neither! But maybe we should all consider career changes, seeing as a few Chicago policemen (and other various city personnel) are probably making much more than you or I in overtime pay alone. The Inspector General of Chicago recently released its report for the fourth quarter of 2012, which includes the amount of overtime paid to city employees last year. It is a list of people that have figured their shit out.

Obama Has Extra $30 Million Lying Around

Pareene · 12/05/08 10:05AM

Remember the last month of the campaign, when Barack Obama and David Plouffe would not stop emailing you begging for money? Oh, we need all the money in the world to beat these evil Republicans, they whined. It's all up to you! Send us a dollar or you won't get to abort your baby who'll be drafted to fight in Iraq for 100 years! Well it turns out they were running against an erratic old nut and his slow friend from church, and so even after they wasted a zillion extra dollars in the last three days of campaigning, the Obama campaign still ended up with $30 million left in the bank. $30 million!