Pugach to Klores: Pay Up

cityfile · 07/24/08 07:27AM

Burt Pugach is the Queens man who hired a man to blind his girlfriend Linda by throwing acid in her face, went to prison for 14 years for his crime, and then remarried her after he was released. Dan Klores (left) is the PR titan-turned-filmmaker who secured rights to the couple's story and made the 2007 documentary Crazy Love, which earned critical acclaim and a slew of awards. It seems the mutually beneficial Pugach-Klores relationship has ended: Last week, Pugach—a disbarred ex-attorney—had his lawyers serve Klores with a $15 million lawsuit. The reason? Klores recently signed a deal with HBO to turn the documentary into a feature film. Pugach, naturally, wants a much bigger check for handing over the rights to his story. The entire lawsuit—including Pugach's claim that Klores attempted to woo him by shlepping Linda Fiorentino to their first meeting at the Shalimar Diner in Rego Park!—after the jump.

Courtney Love Celebrates Her Serenity

Joshua Stein · 07/13/07 03:55PM

Last night Courtney Love celebrated her love for life and her 43rd year of strung-outedness with a concert at Hiro. As old Hole fans, we were super-duper-psyched to see the Widower Cobain. RSVPs were free but when we told we were from Gawker we were told it was a private party and no media was allowed. Whatevs. A friendly tipster, one of the lucky ones who got in, sent a portfolio of concert shots which we've animated for your convenience. It looks safe to say that the glamorous starlet of yore is behind us and we're back in the company of the bonkers one. Welcome back Courtney, hope you'll live through this!