Judge Pans Killer's Performance As Lawyer

Justin Charity · 03/29/14 11:14AM

Salvatore Perrone, a 65-year-old garment salesman from Staten Island, stands accused of executing three Brooklyn shopkeepers in 2012. In a trial tentatively scheduled for the fall, the defendant will represent himself. Perrone launches his defense just a month after medical experts declared him mentally fit for prosecution, barely, despite his repeated outbursts to declare that he murdered on behalf of a "Palestinian section of the CIA."

Redneck States Are Borrowing a Confederate Plan to Protect Their Guns

Adam Weinstein · 02/12/14 02:31PM

Have you heard of "gun nullification"? It's all the rage. Seriously, so hot. It's especially popular in these Southern states who've used nullification before to tell the federales to butt the hell out of their business. Back then, nullification protected slavery and Jim Crow. Now, it protects your Smith & Wesson.

Kid Who Rapped About "Marathon Bombing" Now Faces Terrorism Charges

Camille Dodero · 05/02/13 11:29AM

That's Cameron D'Ambrosio in the photo above, flashing cash that, all told, probably totals $100. An 18-year-old pale goof from Methuen, Massachusetts, "Killa" Cam goes to the local public high school, plays videogames, and harbors rap dreams. His YouTube channel hosts two relatively recent videos of his musical exercises, one of which has "CammyDee" practicing lines about reefer, doubters ("chomping on you haters like an alligator"), and suburban ennui (he rhymes "Don't know what I'm doing" with "Living in Methuen").

This Dude's Dented Head Was Fixed With Fat from His Own Stomach

Max Read · 02/29/12 05:58PM

Meet Tim Barter, a 32-year-old British "visual effects director" who sustained a 25-foot fall in 2009 and had the resulting dent in his head with a titanium plate and stomach fat by doctors at Kings College Hospital. (I've got a call in to see if they can turn stomach fat into biceps. I'll let you all know.) On the downside, one side effect is that you end up looking like someone who was on Australian Big Brother. [HuffPo]

Multimillionaire New Yorker Hospitalized After Manic $20 Million Shopping Spree

John Cook · 02/14/12 11:19AM

With a $100 million fortune made from selling miniature ceramic houses, Ed Bazinet is one of New York's richest men. His TriBeCa apartment is worth $28 million, and he was featured Richistan, Robert Frank's 2007 book about the super-wealthy. Two weeks ago, he suffered a manic break and purchased a whopping $20 million worth of expensive kitsch over the course of five days at the New York International Gift Fair.

Gary Busey's Most Bizarre Moments from Last Night's Wife Swap

Matt Toder · 01/04/12 04:45PM

We all know that Gary Busey is a little (how should we say this?) "off" and last night's episode of Wife Swap didn't disprove what we already know. Busey welcomed Gayle Haggard, the wife of disgraced pastor Ted Haggard, into his home, giving him the chance to expound on some of his life philosophies, including his belief in past lives, love of high school athletics, and the importance of farting in the sink. Here is all the insanity in under a minute.

Man Arrested for Terrorizing Holiday Shoppers with Light Saber

Brian Moylan · 12/15/11 01:30PM

There is nothing worse than a Toys GRRRRR Us during Christmas, am I right? The only thing worse is when there is some lunatic in the store trying to slash people to bits with a light saber. We're lucky someone didn't get Darth Mauled. HA! Nerd jokes. I kill myself.

Someone Paid $203,150 for a Purse

Brian Moylan · 12/08/11 12:02PM

Yes, an anonymous bidder paid $203,150 at auction for a purse. Well, not just any purse, a Birkin, the hard-to-get handbag fetish of celebrities and needy rich ladies the world over. And not just any Birkin, a Hermès Exceptional Collection Shiny Rouge H Porosus Crocodile 30 cm Birkin Bag with Solid 18K White Gold & Diamond Hardware. Oh, obviously that is worth as much as a house or a college education. Surely!

How Are These Indian Talent Show Contestants Not Dead?

Adrian Chen · 11/22/11 03:53PM

It's time to depose our weakling President Obama and replace him with our new leaders, The Warriors of Goja. Judging from their performance on an Indian talent show they are invincible gods who will conquer the world, eventually.

Arrested Woman Gives Arrested Man Head in Police Cruiser

Brian Moylan · 11/15/11 04:47PM

Meet Tina Marie Arie, the most generous suspected drug provider in all of Porter, Texas. Not only did Arie share her stash of illegal prescription drugs with a friend, but when the two of them got arrested, she blew him on the way to jail.

The Hilarious Reason a Chinatown Butcher Admitted to Selling Dog Meat

Brian Moylan · 11/04/11 03:34PM

A reporter from a CBS affiliate in Minnesota walks into a Chinatown butcher. No, this isn't the start of the joke, but what happened was unintentionally hilarious. The owner of the butcher shop isn't laughing, because he just had to fend off charges he was selling dog meat.