Brutal 20-Rider Pileup Halts Tour de France

Jay Hathaway · 07/06/15 12:40PM

The third stage of the Tour de France was suspended Monday after a tremendous crash took down 20 riders, including race leader Fabian Cancellera. The pileup started when French rider William Bonnet touched wheels with another competitor.

Two Teens Killed in Train Collision as Car Speeds Across Tracks

Aleksander Chan · 03/16/15 10:53AM

Two Louisville teenagers were killed this past Saturday after the car they were traveling in was hit by an oncoming train. Witnesses say the car ignored flashing warning signs and blaring alarms before speeding onto the tracks. The two passengers closest to the impact were pronounced dead at the scene; two others remain in critical condition.

10 Dead After Bus Carrying Inmates Falls Off Bridge Onto Train Tracks

Aleksander Chan · 01/14/15 01:17PM

A bus transporting prisoners from Abilene, Texas to El Paso fell from an icy highway overpass onto the train track below, colliding with an oncoming train. Ten of the bus' 15 passengers (two correctional officers and eight inmates) were killed in the crash, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice confirmed.

Teen Holds Breath Driving Through Tunnel, Passes Out, Crashes

Aleksander Chan · 05/26/14 01:18PM

Oregon state police have charged a 19-year-old for reckless driving after causing a three-car collision. Apparently, he fainted trying to hold his breath as he drove through a tunnel. Four people, including the driver, were injured in the crash.

Woman Slips Out of Her Car Just Before an Oncoming Train Totals It

Adam Weinstein · 05/23/14 10:25AM

A Florida woman narrowly escaped with her life after her car stalled out on the tracks in front of a commuter train Monday. State officials released unbelievable video of the incident from the train's perspective, showing the woman's car door opening just before the impact.