All Disposable Income Now Spent on Dog Crap

Hamilton Nolan · 04/09/09 11:32AM

A crippling recession that's forced thousands of people into tent cities, eating dog food, is no reason to penalize our nation's dogs. So brave Americans are buying more gratuitous dog things than ever!

The Obama Merchandise Classification System

Hamilton Nolan · 01/12/09 11:57AM

Maybe you've noticed there's a lot of Barack Obama-themed crap for sale these days. Overwhelmed by your choices? We've broken it all down into four easy categories for you. Buy now!:

Presidential Inauguration to be Trinket Show

Hamilton Nolan · 01/05/09 05:55PM

Are you going to the Obamanauguration? I'll be there! But only to get a good deal on "coins, stamps, jewelry and even a small handbag" directly from QVC: