Kanye West Scouting For Next Craigslist Cash-Waver

Ryan Tate · 06/17/08 10:30PM

It is only natural that the hilariously obnoxious Craigslist Cash-Waver guy was wearing a pair of those hilariously obnoxious sunglasses from Kanye West's "Stronger" video. Ahead of the zeitgeist as usual, fashion-conscious rapper West has actually been soliciting such poses for months now on his personal website, and has assembled a nice trove of responses, a tipster notes. The fellow above and to the right, for example, had his "Stronger" picture taken while standing in the "Kid's Video" section of his local DVD rental shop. West can't lose: He gets to sell his $10 sunglasses in earnest to fans who think the photos look chic, and as ironic accessories to people who laugh at them (or just want to look like the money-fan guy). More hard poses, along with selected comments from West's site, after the jump.

The Ten Best Craigslist Cash-Waver Remixes

Hamilton Nolan · 06/16/08 11:59AM

The Craigslist Cash-Waver is a certified internet star. When we posted the original photos from his Craigslist personal ad (showing him with a fan of $20 bills to impress the girls), and then his angry voicemail demanding that we take them down or else, little did we know how big he would become. His photos spawned an entire genre of visual remixes, which elevated the cash-waving theme to fantastic new heights. Some of the reaction was stupid, and some was even racist. But some was pure, hilarious magic. After the jump, a photo gallery of the ten most inspired Cash-Waving Craigslist Player Photoshop jobs-a testament to the scary power of smart, mean, bored people on the internet. We fear you all.

Special Sightings: Man Sans Cash Fan

Hamilton Nolan · 06/13/08 04:16PM

A tipster sends in a sighting of the now-famous Craigslist Cash-Waver outside a Broadway building: "The red, white, and blue sunglasses were in the same slanted sunglass style as the photos, and his matching shoes were those big plastic-y looking sneakers. Shirt and jeans were nondescript, but the chin strap was in full form...This was around 4:15 on Wednesday. I've never used this site before, can I make sure my full name/email don't appear with the sighting? I don't want him to sue/punch me." Sure! Caveat: Yes he was funny and everything, but he didn't really do anything too bad, so everyone (especially us) should try to be nice. Okay! [Previously]