Craig Ferguson Debuts Creative Censorship

Chris Dignes · 06/29/10 06:57PM

This man might have the craziest talk show on TV: his cohost is a skeleton, he drinks from a rattlesnake mug, frequently caresses the camera and now curses in other languages.

Craig Ferguson Unveils Terrifying Roboskeleton Sidekick

Henry Baker · 04/06/10 12:29PM

On last night's Late Late Show, Craig was finally delivered his gift of a robotic co-host. Though Geoff the robot is a little scary, he does an admirable job punctuating Craig with some nice catch phrases.

Tim Meadows is Don Cheadle's Stand-In

David Matthews · 02/25/10 04:41PM

Are you feeling under the weather and worried about a talk show appearance? Fear not because Tim Meadows will step in for you. He's already done Meryl Streep on Letterman last week so it'll go off without a hitch.