12 Handcrafted Penis Gifts You Can Find On Etsy

Leah Beckmann · 03/06/12 10:00AM

Dusty cavern of the perpetually knitting and crafting, Etsy is full of quirky potholders, dream catchers, homemade cat jewelery, and dick stuff. Yeah, dick stuff. Surprisingly (not that surprisingly), Etsy peddles a number of crocheted, Mod Podged, and beaded phallic goods.

These Hand-Stitched Covers of Vogue Might Piss Anna Wintour Off

Brian Moylan · 05/06/11 02:09PM

Yarn and stitching artist Inge Jacobsen has painstakingly rendered two covers of Vogue using just yarn. Impressive! She better hope Vogue editrix Anna Wintour doesn't file suit for copyright infringement: After all, she couldn't like them too much given they're so arts and craftsy! But if I saw one of these on the side of a tote bag on Etsy, I'd so buy it. Click on the image above to expand. [via Today and Tomorrow]

CSI: Braunstein

Jessica · 03/07/06 08:11AM

"We're looking for a rapist...who masquerades as a fireman."

Make Your Own Peter Braunstein Papercraft

Jessica · 12/28/05 02:00PM

Because you're not doing any real work this week (we're certainly not — can you tell??), we're happy to present you all with the pattern to make your own Peter Braunstein doll. All you need is a Dixie cup, some paper, tape and scissors, all of which should be easy to find around your office. Simply click the image below to enlarge: