Another Rob Ford Crack Video Is For Sale. Here Are Stills.

Max Read · 04/30/14 08:35PM

Why did Toronto mayor Rob Ford announce tonight he was taking leave from his duties to get help? It probably had something to do with these images, which come from a video that a source was offering to sell us. The source said what's in the pipe was more crack cocaine.

Rob Ford: A Life on Facebook

John Cook · 02/05/14 12:47PM

Those creepy Facebook "Look Back" ads that were going around yesterday, where the data-mining concern auto-generated moving short films of your life on Facebook? This is Rob Ford's, probably.

Lacey Donohue · 01/01/14 04:49PM

Rob Ford, North America's most beloved mayor, will file for re-election tomorrow. Because why the fuck wouldn't he?

Lacey Donohue · 11/14/13 08:55PM

While standing next to his wife—whose pussy he eats—Rob Ford publicly apologized for Thursday morning's pussy-eating remarks. But in the mayhem of the day's second press conference focused on oral sex, a child was hit on the head with a camera and all field trips to city hall have been canceled due to "safety issues."

John Cook · 11/08/13 05:38PM

Meet Mohamad Farah, the tipster who shopped the Rob Ford crack video to Gawker and the Toronto Star.

The Assassination of Canada by the Coward Rob Ford

Ken Layne · 11/06/13 10:30AM

Canadians are good people. They are not grotesquely fat like Americans, they are not smoking ghetto drugs like the Americans always do, and they are not running around with a bunch of suburban hoodlums called "The Goonies," which is from an American movie. When the world thinks of Canada, it thinks of artists and poets like Leonard Cohen and Neil Young, and also the Canadian Mounties in their proudly un-ironic uniforms. There is no irony in Canada, because people are good. Rob Ford should be kicked out of Canada, right into that immense freezing lake that has for so long kept the vulgar Americans out of the nice part of North America.

Rob Ford Commences Re-election Campaign Hours After Crack Admission

John Cook · 11/05/13 04:33PM

At 4:20 p.m. on Tuesday, November 5, 2013, a security guard in Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's office commenced a press conference by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who smokes crack. Ford told the assembled reporters that he would not step down after admitting to smoking crack. The reporters laughed at him.

Rob Ford's Year of Living Dangerously

Taylor Berman · 11/05/13 03:17PM

This morning, Rob Ford admitted what we already knew: that he has smoked crack cocaine. “Exactly,” the Toronto mayor replied when asked, for the 10,000th time, if he has smoked crack. “Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine.” But how did we finally get here? Let's look back.

John Cook · 11/05/13 09:49AM

Doug Ford, a Toronto city councilor and brother to crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford, is calling on the city's chief of police to resign because he watched a video of Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine.

Tom Tips Back: Special Tom Tips Edition

John Cook · 11/04/13 03:50PM

We get tips. Lots of them. Sometimes Gawker features editor Tom Scocca responds to them. These conversations are memorialized here in an occasional feature we call Tom Tips Back. In a special treat, today's correspondence was initiated by Tom himself, in a Tip directed at Toronto Star publisher John Cruickshank. Last week, after the vindication of Gawker's initial reporting on the existence of a video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine, Cruickshank wrote that the revelation was the result of "work of a scale and seriousness that can only be undertaken successfully by what is now called 'the mainstream media,'" and that unnamed "others lack the resources, the experience and the credibility to call a senior official to account."

The Toronto Police Department Watched Me Watch Rob Ford Smoking Crack

John Cook · 10/24/13 09:30AM

Five months ago, I flew to Toronto to meet a crack dealer. We hung out together briefly in a car, he showed me a video on his iPhone of the mayor of Toronto smoking crack cocaine, and then he split. Subsequent events unfolded, and for reasons that escape me and make me fundamentally question my settled views on Canada and Canadian-ness, Rob Ford is still the mayor of Toronto. Anyway, it turns out the cops were watching us the whole time.