Online Gamblers Just Got a Big Gift

Ryan Tate · 12/27/11 04:44PM

Congratulations, American gamblers: You'll probably be able to place bets on the internet again soon, thanks to a big retreat by the Justice Department that leaves most online gaming decisions to the states.

Is Online Poker Gone Forever?

Adrian Chen · 04/18/11 10:29AM

On Friday, the Department of Justice shut down the three largest online poker websites and charged 11 poker bigwigs with bank fraud, illegal gambling and money laundering. The online poker world has been thrown into turmoil, and hardcore players are being forced to go outside and interact with humans.

Tunisia Arrests Protesting Rappers and Bloggers

Adrian Chen · 01/07/11 11:57AM

Demonstrations protesting terrible economic conditions are now sweeping Tunisia, sparked by a 26-year-old's dramatic self-immolation last month. In addition to the normal police beatdowns, the Tunisian government is frenetically censoring the Internet, arresting bloggers and a popular dissident rapper.

Feds Trying to Crack Down On 'Robotripping'

Jeff Neumann · 09/01/10 07:21AM

The American teen tradition of chugging Robitussin and trippin' could soon become a lot harder if the man gets his way. The Food and Drug Administration is trying to crack down on the over-the-counter sale of medicine containing dextromethorphan. Lame.

Iran Tightens Crackdown on Foreign Media

John Cook · 06/16/09 03:06PM

The crackdown in the foreign press in Iran has intensified significantly today. This morning, foreign reporters were barred from covering protests. Now ABC News' Jim Sciutto says via Twitter that he's not allowed to leave his hotel.