The Rob Ford Crack Video Might Be "Gone"

John Cook · 06/04/13 04:43PM

Before the Rob Ford Crackstarter—our crowdfunding effort to purchase and publish a video of Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine—reached its $200,000 goal last month, we let everyone know that we had lost contact with the people who have custody of the video. At the end of last week, after a long silence, the video's owner reached out to the intermediary we have been dealing with. He told him the video is "gone."

Jon Stewart on Rob Ford and Canada's National Crack-Smoking Pastime

Maggie Lange · 05/22/13 10:04AM

Jon Stewart began The Daily Show last night by noting: "The great thing about mayors is that they can maintain the eccentricities that get sanded-off and focus-grouped out of statewide or national politicians." And even among crazy mayors, he says, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford stands out.

Rob Ford: Crack 'Allegations Are Ridiculous"

Leah Beckmann · 05/17/13 01:29PM

A group of reporters gathered outside Rob Ford's house this morning asking for comment on a video— seen "not just by the Toronto Star, sir, it's also The Gawker"—that shows the mayor smoking crack. Said Ford, the "allegations are absolutely not true. I don't — it's ridiculous."

The Dossier on Rob Ford, the Crack-Smoking Mayor of Toronto

Maggie Lange · 05/17/13 12:21PM

In a matter of hours, Robert Bruce Ford has gone from being known as "Toronto's conservative mayor" to "Toronto's crack-smoking mayor." But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Before he was Rob Ford, Crack Smoker, he was Rob Ford, Canadian Football Fan. Or Rob Ford, Wildly Racist Bigot. You might even know him as Rob Ford, Wife Beater. To help us explore the Rob Ford of the past, we have compiled a compendium of Mayor Rob Ford's controversies—the scandals, the rage and outrageousness, the wit and witticisms—organized thematically below: