Show Me State Governor Tweets Photo of Butt Crack Voting

Aleksander Chan · 11/05/14 09:11AM

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was not up for reelection last night, but he wanted to be sure everyone went out and participated in the democratic process. So he tweeted a picture of himself voting along with a reminder: Make your voice heard!

Penis Stimulants, and Other Great Tips From Marion Barry's New Memoir

Adam Weinstein · 06/16/14 03:20PM

Marion Barry was mayor of Washington D.C. He's currently a council member in the District. In between, he did a stretch in a federal pen for smoking crack on camera. Now, in his new memoir, he can finally tell you about smacking a woman "upside the head" and what cocaine does to his dick.

Rob Ford Goes to Hollywood

Jordan Sargent · 03/01/14 02:53PM

Rob Ford is more celebrity than mayor at this point, which seems just fine by him. This weekend, Toronto's most famous ex-crackhead will hit Los Angeles for a few of his most high-profile appearances ever: the Academy Awards and Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

SNL Brilliantly Skewers Rob Ford and 60 Minutes

Gabrielle Bluestone · 11/17/13 04:15PM

Every so often, a beautiful sort of kismet occurs on Saturday Night Live, when a public figure goes off the rails and an SNL comic is perfectly positioned to mock them mercilessly. It happened for Will Ferrell with George Bush and Tina Fey with Sarah Palin. Now it's Bobby Moynihan's turn — and the man was born to play Rob Ford.

John Cook · 11/08/13 05:38PM

Meet Mohamad Farah, the tipster who shopped the Rob Ford crack video to Gawker and the Toronto Star.

The Assassination of Canada by the Coward Rob Ford

Ken Layne · 11/06/13 10:30AM

Canadians are good people. They are not grotesquely fat like Americans, they are not smoking ghetto drugs like the Americans always do, and they are not running around with a bunch of suburban hoodlums called "The Goonies," which is from an American movie. When the world thinks of Canada, it thinks of artists and poets like Leonard Cohen and Neil Young, and also the Canadian Mounties in their proudly un-ironic uniforms. There is no irony in Canada, because people are good. Rob Ford should be kicked out of Canada, right into that immense freezing lake that has for so long kept the vulgar Americans out of the nice part of North America.