Crabs Smoking Cigarettes: An Unfortunate Trend

Kelly Conaboy · 09/14/15 04:40PM

A crab smoking a cigarette. To you this might sound like a funny intersection of human and crustacean; a comical delight destined for dorm room poster and tumblr blog. A viral image out of Philadelphia, however, paints a darker picture.

Sorry, It Looks Like Lobsters and Crabs Feel Pain

Hamilton Nolan · 03/11/14 09:06AM

David Foster Wallace's famous essay "Consider The Lobster" explores unsettling questions about how much pain lobsters feel when we cook them. By law, that introductory sentence must be on this blog post, which is about new research into whether lobsters and crabs feel pain.

Carol Brady Got Crabs from Former NYC Mayor

Jeff Neumann · 06/26/11 11:31PM

Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch, is pushing her new memoir so naturally she felt the need to tell the world about the time she got crabs on a one-night stand. Back in the 60s, Henderson boned NYC mayor John Lindsay (both were married at the time), and he left her with a parting gift:

Crab Meet

Max Read · 06/29/10 09:25PM

[Blue crabs head toward the city along the main seaside avenue of Cancun, Mexico, disoriented by ongoing public works along the road. I bet they're feeling pretty... wait for it... wait for it... pissed off. Pic via AP]

How To Decapitate a Crab

Arianna Reiche · 01/13/10 11:00AM

A stern Semitic father-figure could convince me to do pretty much anything, and in this case, I'm being taught how to prepare a soft-shell crab for po'boy-ification (it's not pretty).

ZOMG! Facebook Launches FBChat

Rebecca · 03/19/08 09:49AM

It's so hard to reach out to people these days. How can I connect? I only have a cell phone, email, gchat, AIM, a personal website, Facebook and MySpace. But good news: Facebook is launching FBChat in two weeks. Finally, another medium for witty inside jokes! If you Facebook messages are primarily for getting laid, FBChat has the potential to spread crabs through UC Davis like whoa. Video demonstration after the jump.