Coyote Eats Tri-State Area Dog In Brazen Show of Strength

Gabrielle Bluestone · 05/03/15 08:02PM

Was a coyote sending a calculated message to tri-state area humans this weekend when he snatched a small dog out of a backyard and presumably tore it apart with his sharp teeth? I’m not a coyote and I don’t profess to understand how they think, but if you held one to my head my answer would be, “Yes, this is possible.”

Abandon Hope: Coyotes Now Squatting In New York City's Vacant Buildings

Gabrielle Bluestone · 03/30/15 08:32PM

New York is a concrete city populated by humans—for now. But is that a tire screech you hear, or a pack of coyotes howling at the moon, living in your old apartment, lying in wait? New, disturbing evidence out of Queens suggests we're running on borrowed time.

Coyote Terrorizes New York Suburb, Attacks Toddler

Adrian Chen · 09/06/10 12:30PM

The tony New York suburb of Rye has been dealing with two separate coyote attacks this weekend. Today, trappers tracked down and killed the coyote thought to be responsible—but not before it bit its pup's head off.

Texas Governor Kills While Jogging

Max Read · 04/28/10 02:38AM

Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is totally a nice guy who we definitely don't want to insult, at all, carries a .380 Ruger with him when he jogs, because he is afraid of snakes. On Tuesday, he killed a coyote.

Packs of Vicious Coyotes Prey on Westchester Poodles

Ravi Somaiya · 04/03/10 01:45PM

Well Westchester poodle, singular, anyway. Cleopatra, a fluffy white doggy owned by an elderly lady was tethered serenely in the back yard last week, dreaming of coiffure, when she was set upon by the slavering hounds.

Coyotes Are Coming For Your Treasure

Hamilton Nolan · 09/09/09 11:00AM

The Way We Live Now: Waving goodbye to Mr. Nice Guy. In the good old days, we were free to shoplift without being beaten to death, and to live in the suburbs without being eaten by coyotes. No more.