Sarah Palin's Wikipedia Whitewash

ian spiegelman · 08/31/08 01:11PM

We now know that Sarah Palin probably isn't baby Trig's grandma (damn!) but someone on her team seemed to think her past needed a little bit of a touch up. On Friday, just 15 minutes before rumors started circulating that John McCain was going to pick her for his VP, someone made more than 30 favorable changes to her Wikipedia page.

Baby Let Me Rub My Thorax On Your Sweet Candy Face

Hamilton Nolan · 07/11/08 02:20PM

US propaganda merchants, take note: Muslims are slaves to candy. They're attracted to its otherworldly colors; their foreign mouths water for its sinful sweetness. In this ad from Egypt, women are the sweet candy; the hijab face veil is the candy's wrapper; and men are the dirty flies. Uncover your face and be swarmed, ladies! (This is 100% accurate, it's just something Western women have learned to deal with). Click through for a larger pic and translation of this progressive message.