The Creepiest Taylor Swift Cover You'll Ever See

Matt Cherette · 01/16/11 06:13PM

I suppose all of Taylor Swift's songs are inherently creepy—due to their lovesick desperation—but this cover version of "You Belong With Me" by New York-based actress/comedienne Erin Markey takes it to a whole new (and surprisingly entertaining!) level.

A Year's Worth of Vogue All at Once

Brian Moylan · 12/17/10 02:27PM

This is what happens when you overlay the covers of the past 12 issues of American Vogue. It's like poking your eyes out with fashion! Compare the compiled covers of other international editions to see which country is the prettiest.

Dame Edna Performs Beyonce's "Single Ladies"

Mike Byhoff · 03/23/10 12:02PM

If you only watch one video today where an Australian drag queen performs a modern pop song during a Broadway show, please try to make it this one. Because it is the opposite of terrible.

Having Fun with the Levi Johnston Playgirl Cover

Foster Kamer · 02/06/10 12:15PM

The moment all of you (with Hunky Alaskan Man-Game Fetishes) have been waiting for is here: Levi Johnston's Playgirl Cover. Remember where you are right now, so you can tell your kids, or something. Here, I've made it pretty.

Tap Dancing the Super Mario Brothers Theme Song

Mike Byhoff · 12/21/09 09:43AM

The Super Mario Brothers theme song is possibly the most recognized song on the planet. So when it's left up to interpretation, people can be harsh critics. Well here's a perfect rendition of the theme done by a Broadway dancer.