Confessions of a Fashion Week Party Monster

Gabriel Snyder · 09/18/09 11:02AM

Fashion Week just OD'd. But I'm comforted by the fact that its sexy corpse will rise again to do another skeleton dance on the catwalk, seduce the style-obsessed among us, and throw up at an after-party at Indochine.

Marc Jacobs Dashed My Fashion Week Dreams

Gabriel Snyder · 09/15/09 11:07AM

I couldn't get into the big Marc Jacobs party at Hiro Ballroom last night. I didn't get to see Lady Ga Ga play a white piano, nor did I witness her violate a completely-shaved centaur backstage with a strap-on.

MisShapes' Leigh Lezark: The Gawker Interview

Gabriel Snyder · 09/14/09 12:11PM

Superstar MisShapes DJ and lovably icy ingénue Leigh Lezark may be the Anna Wintour of the downtown scenester set. Does that mean we can't be friends?

Fashion's Night Out Will Destroy You

Gabriel Snyder · 09/10/09 04:13PM

I may still be on my couch wearing a rum-stained terrycloth bathrobe, but I'm about to undo my sash. Do you know why? Because tonight is Fashion's Night Out! Here are just some of the super-funtastic festivities.

Inside the Mind of a Fashion Week Model

Gabriel Snyder · 09/10/09 01:19PM

Trust Fund Boyfriends! Marshmallow Fantasies! Lecherous Photographers! We invade a Ford Models mixer to find out what exactly is bouncing around in those beautiful noggins.