Law & Order: Paris

Jesse · 01/26/06 12:06PM

We're not sure we've actually watched CourtTV in the decade since the O.J. trial — has anyone? — but we do know that you can find interesting tidbits from time to time on the CourtTV website. Today, for example, we're finding ourselves oddly entranced by the 12-page slide show they've produced, which lists all of Paris Hilton's manifold legal travails. Who knew the poor little rich girl had quite so many legal run-ins in her young life?

No More Michaels Jumping on the Bed

Jesse · 08/29/05 10:20AM

If ever there were a sign that all the Michael Jackson mishegass might finally, completely be over, this is it: Court TV has fired Diane Dimond.

Breakfast at Michael's, Abridged

Jesse · 08/16/05 02:14PM

We don't much like panel discussions. No one says anything new, no one changes anyone's mind, and the food is rarely any good. But Court TV promised breakfast at Michael's and a crew of media bigshots who don't much like each other, and so it seemed worth showering earlier than we have in months and getting on the E train to midtown.