Dead Navy SEAL Who Said He Beat Jesse Ventura's Ass Now Owes Him $1.8M

Adam Weinstein · 07/29/14 04:15PM

Proving once again that he can do anything, former pro-wrestler, Minnesota governor and balding conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura won a defamation suit against a dead Navy SEAL Tuesday afternoon, and the dead Navy SEAL's estate now owes Jesse Ventura $1.845 million.

Zimmerman Could Be Released From Custody Soon

Louis Peitzman · 04/21/12 09:34AM

George Zimmerman, now charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Trayvon Martin, could soon be released from custody after a judge set a $150,000 bond for his release. Zimmerman's family will need $15,000, 10 percent of the total bond amount, to have him let out.

Somber George Zimmerman Appears in Court for First Time

Maureen O'Connor · 04/12/12 01:05PM

A solemn George Zimmerman appeared at a Florida courthouse today, where the man accused of the second-degree murder of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin spoke only two words: "Yes sir," he said when the judge asked a "basic question" about the charge. The judge set Zimmerman's arraignment for May 29. Though Zimmerman's new lawyer Mark O'Mara was expected to ask for bail, the bond request was postponed.

Court Rules California's Prop 8 Unconstitutional and Rather Pointless

Emma Carmichael · 02/07/12 02:22PM

California's three-year legal battle over Proposition 8, the 2008 ballot measure that effectively banned gay marriage in the state was suspended this morning after a panel from the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled it unconstitutional in a 2-1 decision.

We Came Very Close to Learning About Bill O'Reilly's Relationship to the Nassau County Cops

John Cook · 02/03/12 01:35PM

Yesterday, a Nassau County Supreme Court judge ruled that the Nassau County Police Department had improperly withheld records about its relationship with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, and agreed to release them at 10:30 this morning. About 45 minutes before the documents were due to become available, Nassau County attorneys appealed the decision and obtained a stay of the order.

Lindsay Lohan's Probation Has Been Revoked

Brian Moylan · 10/19/11 01:24PM

Sometimes the news just cycles round and round and you can't tell when a story is new or old. Just like today when Lindsay Lohan appeared in court looking like a mess and had her probation revoked. Now she might go back to jail. Yeah, we've heard this song and dance before.

Hosni Mubarak Goes for a Sporty Bedridden Look

Jeff Neumann · 08/15/11 05:03AM

Whereas the opening day of the Mubaraks' trial on August 3rd was all about Hosni picking his nose and the general sense of shock felt by Egyptians who watched their longtime leader sit in a cage, today was all about appearances. Again, Hosni's conveniently devout sons Alaa and Gamal clutched Qurans. But this time around, Hosni traded in his prison pajamas for what looked to be a zip up track suit. He also looked like he's visited a taxidermist.

Man Sues Hilton for Tricking Him Into Reading USA Today

Lauri Apple · 07/31/11 11:54AM

If Hilton hotel guest Rodney Harmon had known that the USA Today left by hotel staff outside his door wasn't free, he wouldn't have read it. But he did read it, and the hotel charged him the 75-cent fee, so now Harmon's suing Hilton hotels in federal court.

Kentucky Woman, Angered by Sentencing, Attacks Judge

Lauri Apple · 07/16/11 05:24PM

Just like the "Kentucky Woman" Neil Diamond sang about, Melissa Harvick "shines with her own kind of light," you could say. Earlier this week, Harvick appeared at a family court hearing as the defendant in a dispute with her husband, who had filed a domestic violence order against her. While her husband tried to explain his side of the story to the presiding judge, Harvick allegedly interrupted him and wouldn't stop talking. This prompted the judge to sentence Harvick to ten days in jail for contempt of court. The jail sentence did not please Harvick very much, as you will soon come to understand by watching the video above.

Lindsay Lohan's Most Conservative Court Outfit Includes Visible Bra

Maureen O'Connor · 06/23/11 01:14PM

After testing positive for alcohol use during her house arrest following a neverending string of DUIs, probation violations, and an uncontested theft, Lindsay Lohan arrived in court today wearing her most conservative outfit yet: A blue striped button-down and black dress pants. But her bra showed anyway, in the gap between buttons. Modest clothes strain to fly off her body, like misaligned magnets repelling each other.