Hamilton Nolan · 09/02/14 11:35AM

Disgraced (but very rich) former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo says he "didn't do anything wrong" when his company wrote all those bad mortgages that brought down the global economy. And besides—"Mozilo gives a $5 bill to each homeless person he sees on New York's Fifth Avenue" when he visits.

Angelo Mozilo's Sucker-Free System for Getting Super Rich

Hamilton Nolan · 10/15/10 03:37PM

The Way We Live Now: with our head held high. And our shoulders square. And our skin burnished with expensive tanning solutions. You can steal a hundred million and pay back less than seventy. That's how wealth is created!

Wall Street: Thursday Morning

cityfile · 05/14/09 05:41AM

• AIG's Ed Liddy now says the company will need three to five years to carry out its restructuring plan and repay taxpayer bailout money. [NYT]
• Hedge funds actually saw returns rise more than three percent in April. [DB]
• Walter Noel's Fairfield Greenwich hedge fund is no more. The disgraced firm is handing over its remaining $2.5 billion to Sciens Capital. [NYP]
• The rich get richer: As financial firms raise capital and pay back TARP money, it's Goldman, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan that are profiting. [Fortune]

Street Talk

cityfile · 07/01/08 04:17AM
  • An upgrade from Morgan Stanley is expected to help out Lehman's stock price, which fell 11 percent yesterday amid talk of a firesale. [Reuters]

Street Talk

cityfile · 06/27/08 04:17AM
  • InBev may need to raise its offer for Anheuser-Busch by $7 billion to win over the company's board. [Bloomberg]

Poor Smoky Obama Fires Veep Vetter

Pareene · 06/11/08 03:23PM

Today, Barack Obama fired the guy he hired to pick his Vice President. The guy, Jim Johnson, apparently got some cash from Countrywide's controversial "real estate loans for friends of our CEO" program. Countrywide destroyed the entire nation, so Johnson has been criticized. Also he picked Geraldine Ferraro for Veep back in the day, so.... Anyway, Obama now needs to hire someone to vet the guy he hires to vet his Vice Presidential choice. We recommend the crooked NBA ref. (The stress of the campaign has driven poor Obama back to his precious, precious cigarettes.)

America's Most Villainous CEO Finds The Little People 'Disgusting'

Hamilton Nolan · 05/21/08 09:24AM

Angelo Mozilo is the CEO of disastrous mortgage lender Countrywide, and one of the most overpaid, reviled, and villainous business executives in America today. He's drawn huge salaries even as his company led to the way for the subprime mortgage collapse. So you might expect the guy to be surrounded at all times by a team of highly-paid image consultants, ensuring that every word out of his mouth in some way helped to resurrect his shattered reputation. Wrong, bitches! With a classic "Hitting reply instead of forward" move, Mozilo inadvertently let a desperate homeowner (and the world) know what he thought of his plea for help: "Disgusting.":