Declassified Document Shows White House Staff Make Key Decisions About Drone Strikes 

Hannah Gold · 08/06/16 04:40PM

A redacted version of a 2013 document that designates guidelines for the Obama administration’s counterterrorism operations, including drone strikes, was declassified on Saturday as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU first requested the document be made public in the fall of 2013. The administration refused to comply with their request on the the basis of “presidential communications” privilege, the Washington Post reports.

Anti-Muslim Counterterrorism Training to Be Scrapped by Spring

Wired · 12/08/11 10:00PM

By the spring, the entire federal government will have new standards for counterterrorism training, the result of a White House push to scrap instructions that called mainstream Muslims violent and likened Islam to the Death Star.

Blogger Finds Sensitive NYPD Counterterrorism Documents In the Trash

Adrian Chen · 05/13/11 04:50PM

Hey, terrorists! If you're considering blowing up New York but were worried about the NYPD's crack anti-terrorism team foiling your plot, don't worry: Here's what the largest police department in the country is on the lookout for. A blogger just found the plans in the trash.

These Plants Can Detect Bombs

Max Read · 01/27/11 03:10AM

A University of Colorado biologist working with the Pentagon is developing plants that can detect bombs. Yes: Terrorism-fighting plants that change color in the presence of certain chemicals. The 21st century is wild, isn't it?

Government Prepares for Pot Growers' Bomb-Flinging Terrorist Attack

Jim Newell · 11/19/10 03:38PM

Government counter-terrorism officials gamed out a very likely terrorist scenario in a Northern California drill this week: That of marijuana growers setting off bombs, taking hostages, and laying siege to a strategically critical dam. We are so prepared for this!

That's a Gun in His Pocket

Brian Moylan · 03/30/10 05:45PM

[No one looked happy to see an increased counterterrorism presence on the New York City subway after terrorists threatened the Moscow subway system yesterday. Image via Splash]