Keith Olbermann Gives 10 Reasons to Watch the New Countdown

Matt Cherette · 06/22/11 12:07AM

Last night, Keith Olbermann reincarnated Countdown on Current TV and it was pretty much the same exact show he had on MSNBC before the network gave him the boot. To call it "new" is a bit of a stretch, but Olbermann stopped by tonight's Late Show with David Letterman to promote the program and read off tonight's Top 10 list, "Reasons to Watch the New Countdown with Keith Olbermann." Video of the segment is above.

Keith Olbermann Thinks It's Up to Him to Save America

Matt Cherette · 06/20/11 11:51PM

Five months after MSNBC canned him, Keith Olbermann returned to television tonight as Countdown made its debut on Current TV. It's pretty much the same exact show: The new network is basically the only difference between this incarnation of Countdown and the last one. But just in case you have any doubts, Olbermann's typically over-the-top "special comment" this evening—in which he claims that he's the "last line of defense" when it comes to protecting America's independence from being taken away by evil corporations—is above.

Keith Olbermann Is Out at MSNBC

Remy Stern · 01/21/11 10:44PM

Keith Olbermann's career at MSNBC is over. The network announced this evening that it terminated its contract with Olbermann effective immediately, and the Countdown host shared the news in typically dramatic fashion on his show tonight. Olbermann's final words below.

Keith Olbermann's Return: Tongue-In-Cheek Intro, Gloat-Heavy Outro

Matt Cherette · 11/09/10 09:16PM

Tonight, our really short national nightmare ended when Keith Olbermann reclaimed the Countdown anchor chair. Olbermann wasted no time referencing his suspension when he slowly moved into the frame during a tongue-in-cheek introduction. Update: Olbermann's self-referential/gloat-heavy outro is also inside.

Did Jon Stewart Finally Get Through to Keith Olbermann?

Matt Cherette · 11/01/10 08:37PM

During tonight's Countdown, Keith Olbermann made a major announcement: effective immediately, he's suspending the show's "Worse/Worser/Worst Person in the World" segment, with an aim at eventually killing it altogether. What brought Olbermann to this decision? Jon Stewart, naturally! Watch inside.

The Best of Alvin Greene's TV Appearances

Matt Toder · 06/11/10 11:30AM

Since Tuesday, the world has stood dumb-struck at the victory of Alvin Greene in the SC Democratic Primary. He's unemployed, looking at a felony charge for showing a college coed a porn image and giving interviews. Inside, the best ones.