'New York Times' Reporters Take Corporate Jet Home From Iowa Caucus

Maggie · 01/04/08 01:52PM

Getting out of Iowa today was a complete bitch, thanks to the throngs of reporters fleeing frozen Iowa for frozen New Hampshire. The airport is supposedly 50% busier than usual and nearly 2,000 rental cars were returned. Luckyduck New York Times reporters on the other hand, had no reason to fret. They got a ride home in Daddy Sulzberger's corporate jet! A Times rep told Politico that "for The Times Company, it was 'most cost-effective.'" Anyone know how much jet fuel for several round-trip cross-country treks will set you back? Finding out involves math and you know, work, so we have no idea, but we suspect the answer is: a hell of a lot more than coach fares on JetBlue.

'Times' Rescinds Buyout Packages For Six Laid-Off Employees

Maggie · 12/20/07 05:10PM

We're hearing that the New York Times has changed its mind about giving buyout packages to six of the employees eliminated in newsroom layoffs announced last month. Instead of a package that would have included benefits for a time, they'll walk away with severance packages, which don't include benefits. A source tells us that the severance packages are worth about a third less than the buyouts originally promised. In November, the Times announced it would cut a dozen newsroom positions and "a number" of clerical administrative jobs.

Maggie · 12/04/07 03:05PM

Turns out, as we heard, that Oxygen has indeed shitcanned a whole slew of people—25 percent of its staff, actually. The company fired 65 employees across various departments. The news comes two months after NBC announced it was buying the network and just two weeks after the sale was completed. Anyone getting the feeling that violence will be up more than usual over the holidays?
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Maggie · 12/04/07 11:45AM

"The Viacom contractors also lost 401ks. Holiday pay as well as vacation, too," a source confirms. Contractors at Viacom had 401ks and holiday pay? Who knew?