Cord Jefferson · 07/24/13 10:54AM

The New York Times reports that some men are getting serious about what their asses look like: "My wife always joked that I had a flat butt—she called it a 'pancake butt,' Michael said. He consulted with Dr. Adam Schaffner ... who suggested liposuction on his abdomen and injecting the extracted fat into his buttocks."

Why Do People Keep Getting Plastic Surgery?

Richard Lawson · 03/09/10 12:57PM

This may seem like an easily answered question — people get plastic procedures hoping to look young and beautiful forever — but given a recent spate of cosmetic surgery horrorshows, we increasingly just don't understand why anyone gets "work done."

Miserly 'Sunset Tan' Mom Only Cares Enough To Spend $1300 On Daughter's School Photo Prep

mark · 05/30/07 05:19PM

The Best Week Ever blog has pulled the above clip from Sunset Tan, E!'s latest documentary-style celebration of all that is glorious about life in our somewhat image-conscious city. Be appalled if you must that a doting mom would drop $1300 on having her daughter irradiated and spray-tanned to a hue favored by Lindsay Lohan; we, however, are disgusted only that the parent didn't march her neglected child over to Dr. 90210's office for an on-camera consultation for the pre-teen breast augmentation that's wildly popular in fifth-grade classrooms this year, or, at the very least, a quick Restylane treatment to preemptively paralyze the various facial muscles that will soon rob her of her youthful good looks.